Beyond Calais: Written Accounts of the Refugee Crisis

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10 April 2016 Europe British immigration officials hacked into refugee phones and computers UK Border Agency staff have permission to install listening devices in homes, cars or detention centres - and gain covert access to phones or computers The Independent 
11 February 2016 Europe Nato orders fleet to deploy in Aegean Sea 'to help end Europe's refugee crisis' The Independent  
8 February 2016 Europe Fear and Loathing of Refugees in Europe The World Post 
9 December 2015 Europe ‘Get up Daddy, and take me to clever kids school’ Chez Topflight. com (Blog)  
28 November 2015 Non specific ShelterBed Mark 2 Refugee Shelter Bed  
21 November 2015 Greece Bristol volunteers to set up Greek island kitchen to help feed refugees BBC News 
11 November 2015 Europe EU leaders seek to share responsibility for migration in Malta The Conversation 
11 November 2015 Europe Valletta: Farming Out Europe's Dirty Work Huffington Post 
9 November 2015 Europe Research: How Europe’s Newspapers Reported The Migration Crisis European Journalism Observatory 
9 November 2015 Europe ITV News follows refugees as they travel through Europe ITV NEWS + video 
8 November 2015 Greece 8 cases of distress, on and near several Greek islands Watch The Med 
8 November 2015 Germany Angela Merkel’s stance on refugees means she stands alone against catastrophe The Guardian 
8 November 2015 Greece: Lesbos Notes on A Scandal:THE ERIC KEMPSON TRANSCRIPT – 4 NOVEMBER 2015 Positive Action In Housing 
6 November 2015 Germany Confusion as Germany announces curbs on Syrian refugees The Guardian 
6 November 2015 Europe Prime Minister David Cameron replies to 10 year old Rachel Megahey's letter on Syrian refugee crisis The Impartial Reporter 
5 November 2015 Germany Refugee crisis: German man takes in 24 asylum-seekers and describes his 'disappointing' experience The Independent 
5 November 2015 Greece: Lesbos Welcome 2 Lesvos  Blog 
5 November 2015 Greece: Lesbos "We can do better" - a volunteer’s perspective of Europe’s refugee response IRIN NEWS 
5 November 2015 Greece: Lesbos An Island in Mourning Huffington Post  
5 November 2015 Global The Displaced: Nearly 60million people are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution New York Times Magazine 
5 November 2015 Germany Germany receives nearly half of all Syrian asylum applicants The Guardian 
4 November 2015 Europe Urgent Humanitarian Action Needed on European Refugee Crisis - International Rescue Committee Briefing International Rescue Committee 
4 November 2015 Europe Journalists, Coders, Hackers Join Forces For The Migration Crisis European Journalism Observatory 
3 November 2015 Macedonia Macedonian volunteer: I quit job in shoe factory to help refugees – video The Guardian 
3 November 2015 Greece: Lesbos Five ways Europe could save refugee lives this winter IRIN 
2 November 2015 Europe Winter is coming: the new crisis for refugees in Europe The Guardian 
1 November 2015 Europe Europe Split on Migrant Crisis on Eve of Brussels Talks  Haaretz 
1 November 2015 Europe German crisis talks on migrants falter as 13 drown off Greece Yahoo 
1 November 2015 Europe What Does Affluent Europe In A Crisis Want? Sunday Leader 
1 November 2015 Greece: Samos Refugee crisis: 11 drown off Greek island of Samos, including four babies The Independent 
1 November 2015 Europe Migrating to a more empathetic reality The Hindu 
31 October 2015 Europe European Union crisis talks on refugees  NYSE POST 
31 October 2015 Greece Greek PM 'ashamed' of Europe's response to refugees  Wakey Wakey News 
31 October 2015 Bulgaria A great tragedy is unfolding in Bulgaria and nobody wants to talk about it! WWS 
31 October 2015 Germany Germany to restrict border entry points for migrants The Telegraph 
31 October 2015 Europe Still the refugees are coming, but in Europe the barriers are rising The Guardian 
30 October 2015 Austria Refugee crisis: Austrian police and soldiers shepherding up to 4,000 asylum seekers a day The Independent 
30 October 2015 Germany Germany to funnel refugee flow as 17 children die at sea Yahoo 
30 October 2015 Greece 70 Babies Have Died Since Aylan The Daily Beast 
30 October 2015 Mediterranean Dealing With The Migrant Dead IRIN 
29 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos Lesbos volunteer tells of 'huge amount of trauma' as refugee boats capsize The Guardian 
29 October 2015 Greece  The Sinking of the Nameless: Recollections of a Volunteer/Journalist Megaphone Valkyrie 
29 October 2015 Europe Europe's Physical and Mental Walls Against Refugees Newsweek 
29 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos The Island of the Drowned Mashable 
29 October 2015 Greece:  As More Children Drown, Volunteers on Lesbos Say Rescues Are Left Largely to Them NY Times 
28 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos I gave faint comfort on the Refugee Crisis frontline Personal Blog: Ruth McAllister Kemp 
28 October 2015 Europe Refugee crisis: Last influx to fortress Europe cross Austrian border before route closes The Independent 
27 October 2015 Europe Refugee Crisis In Europe Explained Through Infographics Laying Bare Current Situation Huffington Post 
27 October 2015 Greece Letter From Lesbos Broadsheet IE 
27 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos How The Refugee Crisis In Lesbos Is The Holocaust Of The 21st Century Eyezine 
26 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos "The Children's Feet Are Rotting - You Guys Have One Month and Then All These People Will Be Dead" Huffington Post 
23 October 2015 Europe 1000 miles in Their Shoes Huffington Post 
22 October 2015 Greece: Lesbos We cannot turn our backs on these refugees: Yvette Cooper on the Greek tragedy that shames Britain Daily Mirror 
20 October 2015 Europe Non, Merci! Why Refugees Avoid France IRIN 
9 October 2015 Europe How Europe's charities have responded to the refugee crisis The Guardian 
9 October 2015 Hungary Cross at your peril: tough justice for refugees in Hungary IRIN 
6 October 2015 Europe Why helping ‘economic migrants’ may help stop others becoming ‘refugees’ The Conversation 
16 September 2015 Syria REFLECTIONS ON ‘A SYRIAN LOVE STORY’ BY JOSEPH WILLITS The Arab British Centre 
15 September 2015 Greece: Lesbos On board an armed smugglers' boat with Iraqi and Syrian refugees France 24 Video 
14 September 2015 Greece: Lesbos Refugee crisis: David Miliband criticises Europe's response during Lesbos visit The Guardian 
4 September 2015 Europe Personal stories let us know what it means to be a refugee The Conversation 
20 August 2015 Europe How many asylum seekers would other EU countries need to match Germany? The Guardian 
10 August 2015 Europe Explainer: how European states shift responsibility for asylum claims The Conversation 
9 June 2015 Egypt The Journey Syrian refugee Hashem Alsouki risks his life crossing the Mediterranean, his sights set on Sweden – and freedom for his family The Guardian 
18 May 2015 Greece: Thessaloniki Melissa Fleming: A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at sea. The story of two survivors Ted Talks: Melissa Fleming - UN refugee agency 
24 April 2015 Europe Humanitarian emergency is being used to justify dangerous measures to stop migration The Conversation 
14 October 2013 Mediterranean The death of migrants in the Mediterranean is a truly ‘European’ tragedy LSE Comment 
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