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Winter is fast approaching and volunteers are urgently needed at HELP REFUGEES  warehouse near Thessaloniki to help  prepare warm clothes for distribution and to support the vital work getting camps ready for winter. 

Whether you can give a few days - or a few months - your contribution will be essential.

If you’d like to apply to volunteer or just to find out more, please see this website.


Refugee Hero.Com: Refugee Hero connects refugees with heroes; Let's find your hero!


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1000 Miles in Their Shoes: 

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Trace The Face: Migrants In Europe
Beyond Calais: Written Accounts of the Refugee Crisis

News reports and Personal Accounts of the Refugee Crisis in Europe and beyond. 

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Target LocationInitiativeInformation
Aegean  United Rescues - Missing Persons This is a group made by United Rescues to collect cases of missing persons from boat accidents on the Aegan sea.  
Balkans Situation in Eastern Mediterranean / Western Balkans Jan - 21 Oct 2015 Migration flows 
Balkans? Sharon Valerie Silvey First hand Accounts of Her Aid Work Via FB 
Balkans Refucomm Working to support refugees on their way through the Balkans. Providing what they ask the most: Information and communication. 
Croatia Refugee Aid In Croatia this group was solely made to manage the help for refugees in Croatia! 
Croatia Dear Refugee: Welcome To Croatia Za sve one koji smatraju kako Hrvatska treba pružiti svu moguću pomoć ljudima, ženama, djeci, muškarcima, mladima i starima na njihovom putu u bolje sutra! 
Europe Art4warkids We are a community of people making refugees lives more bearable in their perilous journeys to safety through Europe. We do this through art. 
Europe Migrant crisis: Migration to Europe explained in graphics Vast numbers of migrants have made their way across the Mediterranean to Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggle to cope with the influx, and creating division in the EU over how best to deal with resettling people. 
Europe East Tyrone Refugee Solidarity A collective of people from the East Tyrone area who are delivering a convoy of humanitarian aid to help the refugee camps throughout Europe and beyond . 
Europe One Humanity We’re a small group of humanitarian workers based between London and Essex. We aim to use our networks to raise money and collect goods for refugees. 
Europe UK Action For Refugees (Website) We are a group of people based in the UK who have seen images and videos of the fatal consequences of the refugee crisis and feel compelled to help. 
Europe Safe Routes 4 Refugees All countries have the duty to protect people fleeing conflict and persecution. Support our campaign for pressuring governments to guarantee safe routes for refugees.Help us to stop death boats and dangerous border crossings. 
Europe Refugees Welcome Pad This is a blog collecting important information for refugees and supporters. Because of the current situation refugees face in Germany and Austria, it is necessary to support as well as possible. There are a lot of people who want to help, support refugees and join the fight against the European repression of refugees. This blog collects information about law, refugee-organization, health and care and so on. We want to collect as many info as we can to support refugees themselves and also supporters. It is necessary to know your possibilities and your prospects, it is good to know where to ask and where to organize. Fight fortress europe. 
Europe Refugee Support Net The RS Net Yellow Pages project is a result of many discussion among refugee-supporting volunteers, online and offline. It is a non-profit “yellow pages” directory of all local businesses from Greece to Germany, recommended by the volunteers supporting refugees travelling along “The Balkan Trail”. 
Europe East Anglia Croatia,Serbia Refugee Donations We have recently been working with Bury St Edmunds--->Calais and Crisis Aid Milton Keynes. We have been distributing, clothing, tents, and food to refugees in Calais. We would now like to push things further south into Croatia, Greece, Serbia and anywhere else where the refugee crisis is growing. 
Europe Europe Refugee Network  Europe Refugee Network is about bringing together lots of people and initiatives throughout Europe to offer help to the refugees. 
Europe European Refugee Crisis Lawyers Group  
Europe Childhood Bags The idea behind ‘Childhood Bags’ is a simple one. I wanted to not only give children something that was practical and they could take with them as they make the long journey across Europe, but to show them there are people who care about what happens to them. 
Europe Mapping Europe Refugees' Aid (MERA) Mapping Europe Refugees’ Aid (MERA) is a collaborative project that aims to: Support a swift and up-do-date information flow on assistance to refugees in Europe and the Middle East by collecting and publishing existing aid initiatives and networks Facilitate the process of aid provision by coordinating efforts, connecting refugees, internally displaced person with individuals & organizations that want to help Depict needs & gaps in the current aid delivery process Highlight human rights violations 
Europe Move For Humanity Move For Humanity is an organisation that responds to humanitarian crisis caused by war, famine and natural disasters around the world. 
Europe Leamington Spa:Sending Aid to Refugees. This group has been setup to organise the collection of desperately needed equipment for refugees all around Europe 
Europe What Refugees Ask When They Arrive in Europe Some of the most common questions aid workers get are also the most unexpected. 
Europe First Contact: Help For Refugees is an European wide solution for the information lack refugees are facing when entering the EU. We focus on providing important information and bridging the language gap for refugees via our Webpage, Facebook and local volunteers. Transparency is the key to more efficient processes for local authorities and empowerment of refugees. Interested citizens who want to support us can contact the local initiative in Samos or are invited to set up a First-Contact Branch themselves. We provide templates, content and consulting for free. 
Europe European Refugee Crisis Legal Information Group  
Europe W2E: Welcome To Europe Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe 
Europe UK Action For Refugees We are raising money, organising donations, and enabling volunteers to be sent down to help with the effort to save refugees lives.  
Europe Cumbria: Resscu In Cumbria UK there are many groups and individuals active on the refugee issue - campaigning, donating, collecting, fundraising and transporting items to refugees across Europe. Our aim is to help all those interested and involved locally share information and resources as effectively as possible in order to maximise our county's impact. There are two main strands to our work: helping those giving outward support to refugees; and helping facilitate sanctuary within Cumbria for refugees 
Europe The Refugee Map of Europe These maps are cartograms — ordinary maps distorted to reflect one statistical dataset, in this case: the number of refugees per million inhabitants. In other words, they reflect the relative impact of the refugee crisis on the countries of Europe. 
Europe UNHCR A humanitarian emergency is continuing to unfold across Europe. UNHCR is on the ground providing life-saving protection but we need your help. 
Europe Help Refugees UK Providing aid & upholding dignity for refugees Help Refugees is a registered charity under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund  
Europe and Beyond Refugee Lifelines - Phones for Refugees Collecting and distributing essential phones for refugees. A RefuComm/Momentum Aid project 
Europe: Balkans Route News That Moves News that Moves is news for people traveling the Balkan Route to Europe. In English, Arabic, and Farsi  
Europe wide Refugee Relief Action Forum: Europe This page is a place to share information, and ask/answer questions about paid and volunteer opportunities in support of the growing waves of refugees attempting to reach and settle in Europe. 
Europe Wide Boat Refugee Fundation We are active on all locations where boat refugees come ashore. Urgent help is needed and the need is critical. 
Europe Wide Alphabetical List of Items Suitable For Sending To Refugees In Europe List compiled by Rox Nicholl 
Europe Wide Boat Refugee Foundation FB Page (Dutch) 
Germany Arriving In Berlin  A group of refugees in Berlin have banded together to map key resources across the city, including counseling, healthcare, German language lessons, accommodation, legal assistance, police and public transport facilities. 
Germany Wefugees Our aim is that of connecting refugees, volunteers and experts – at the same time facilitating the exchange of information between all the people involved in refugee aid. Fellow citizens are encouraged to pass on to refugees their specific knowledge, and the involvement of professionals guarantees that every question is going to receive a qualified answer. Every refugee should have access to all information aimed at addressing her/his specific needs. We live in a fast-paced world where technologies play an important role. So why not use them to make refugee aid easier and more efficient?  
Germany Volunteer Planner You are a volunteer and want to help refugees? shows you where, when and how to help directly in the field. This platform is non-commercial and ads-free. An international team of field workers, programmers, project managers and designers are volunteering for this project and bring in their professional experience to make a difference. 
GERMANY Berlin: "Arriving in Berlin - A map made by refugees" (English version) This map seeks to provide useful information for newcomers in Berlin and is especially meant to support refugees. 
Germany: Heidelberg Each 1 Teach 1  Each1Teach1 means everyone teaches everyone. Because everyone has abilities that he wants either to expand or to pass. So our new arrivals are in Heidelberg inquisitive and interested in the German culture, but also want to give something back and can teach us a lot of different things. Each1Teach1 bring asylum seekers and Heidelberg together. We offer a variety of workshops, the result is a simple first contact and lively exchange. 
Global The UN Refugee Agency is working to relieve a global crisis You Can Help 
Greece Indiegogo: Helping Those Who Are Helping Refugees in Greece The situation in Greece continues to worsen as more and more refugees continue to cross the perilous straits between Greece and Turkey. The latest numbers show more than 500,000 people have entered Greece in 2015. 
Greece Volunteer to help in Greece RAPA 15 REGISTRATION FORM Volunteers For Refugees in Greece Oct 2015 
Greece Off Track Refugee Alliance: The Connection Point We focus on four key objectives: 1) To centralise information about charities already involved in the crisis, as well as initiatives in Lesvos and neighboring islands so that we might assist in the coordination of relief efforts and provide an overview on what’s happening on the ground to those preparing to volunteer. 2) Improving collaboration and efficiency by matching volunteers and their skills with the needs of relevant projects and their leaders. 3) Raising awareness and showing potential sponsors how their resources can be employed practically to aid people in need. 4) Assisting Medical Professionals with financial support needed to get them on the ground. 
Greece ReSuCha – Refugees Supply Channel Greece The goal of this project is to support local economy and to help Greek people, who suffer the problems they did not cause. Despite the fact they are struggling with serious economic problems themselves, they do great job, helping refugees and being much friendlier than many other societies in Europe. 
Greece Helping Hands: Athens Refugee Ministry Serving refugees in Athens and around Greece in the name of Jesus. 
Greece and Beyond United Aid Solidarity We are an organisation that provides aid, funds, food, baby carriers, volunteers, love and hope to refugees. 
Greece and Beyond Europe: United help for Refugees  I am taking some clothes supplies and donations to Syrian refugees in Greece. I have created this group to update you on how i am trying to deliver your donations directly to the needy. Also to infirm you of another collection and planned aid run to the refugees in Austria Hungary Macedonia. 
Greece & Hungary Help Syrians In Greece and Hungary I have created this page so we can go out to either Hungary or Greece to help the migrants. Donations welcome. Let's help the needy; they need us 
Greece: Kos Help For Kos Refugees This page is dedicated to those who are interested in helping and supporting Refugees passing through the Greek Island of Kos. 
Greece: Kos Kos Kindness Started on November 1, 2011. The idea of Kos Kindness developed when a group of girls living on the island of Kos decided that they wanted to be able to reach out and help those less fortunate than themselves. 
Greece: Kos Kos Kindness UK We are a group of likeminded people who have come together to raise awareness of the light of the Syrian refugees arriving in Kos, Greece. We are driving a number of lorries to Kos Kindness which is an estabished organisation who are already helping refugees, but are obviously swamped with more displaced people arriving daily.  
Greece: Kos Kindness Over Land Air Sea - KOLAS Hello! I have bought a Ford Transit 350 LWB van (aka Magic Van) and am going to collect donations from amazing people and organisations, all over the UK. I am then going to drive my van and catch ferries to Kos, so that inspiring groups like Kos Kindness can distribute much-needed aid to refugees locally, as well as to other islands that have huge need and aren't currently receiving as much media attention. 
Greece: Kos Kos Overland Aid : KOLA I have bought a Ford Transit 350 LWB van (aka Magic Van) and am going to collect donations from amazing people and organisations, all over the UK. I am then going to drive my van and catch ferries to Kos, so that inspiring groups like Kos Kindness can distribute much-needed aid to refugees locally, as well as to other islands that have huge need and aren't currently receiving as much media attention. 
Greece: Kos Winchester: Kos Kindness Refugee Donations - We are collecting donations of essential items to ship to Kos and Lesvos for direct distribution to the refugees arriving there daily. 
Greece: Kos Kos Kindness Torbay Our aim is to set up a local drop off point and raise funds in order to forward donations to the organisation 'Kos Kindness'; which distributes aid to refugees (particularly women, children and babies) in Kos 
Greece - Kos Help For Syrian Refugees Help for Syrian Refugees are raising money for refugees fleeing war torn Syria. We are collecting donations for the items most needed for refugee families who are currently on the Greek islands, stranded without shelter, clothes or food. 
Greece: Lesbos Want to volunteer on Lesbos? First of all, THANK YOU for considering the trip. All help is needed. But please note there is currently no central coordination on Lesvos. You must read the information and decide which group(s) to work with. 
Greece: Lesbos Information Point for Lesvos Volunteers Information Point for Lesvos Volunteers 
Greece: lesvos Want to Volunteer On Lesvos?  Check out the advice and links on this document 
Greece: Lesvos The Volunteer Cook A bunch of enthusiastic and fun volunteer cooks who aim at providing warm and hearty meals to those in need. Food is hope and we want to give hope to others. We are opening #ProjectGreece in October in Molyvos, Greece to respond to the refugee crisis. Be a part of the movement, support #TheVolunteerCook 
Greece: Lesvos Lesvos Refugee Connections  
Greece: Lesvos Volunteers' Coordination Team Lesvos This group as an extension of our account to facilitate communication between its members, and to be able to keep the important information, such as upcoming events, fund raising and urgent need of volunteers on top of the page. 
Greece: Lesvos Ireland to Lesvos Medical/Health Team Volunteers We are Irish nurses and health care staff travelling to volunteer on the beaches and in refugee camps in Lesvos Greece, where children are dying everyday. 
Greece: Lesvos Refugee Solidarity Where there is suffering, there is need. We reach out to communities, both locally and in Lesvos to provide much needed aid to the thousands of refugees arriving everyday. We need your help, though. 
Greece: Lesvos Lesvos Volunteers YES! WE NEED YOU! 
Greece: Lesvos help refugees arriving on the Greek island Lesbos  I am helping my friend Merel Graeve who is volunteering in Lesbos by raising money for basic resources to help the refugees arriving on the island. 
Greece: Lesvos Lighthouse Relief Org  bakgrund13.jpg Lighthouse Refugee Relief is a non-profit initiative founded by people from Sweden, UK and Norway. We coordinate efforts and provide emergency relief to refugees that arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos. 
Greece: Lesvos Refugee Child (Go Get Funding)  Children are literally hours from death at camp Moria in Lesvos. 
Greece: Lesvos Filling the humanitarian gaps on Lesvos Just got back from a very intense day with the other volunteers. We are all going the mile and doing our very best here but the situation feels like its getting worse and people are desperate to get registered in order to continue on their migration journey. Many say they have been in lines for hours if not days and with that comes the lack of food and water.  
Greece: Molyvos Help For Refugees in Molyvos Every day Molyvos and the rest of Lesvos (Greece) receive refugees who have escaped from their country. This site is about helping. 
Greece: Molyvos Molyvos: Help For Refugees Every day Molyvos and the rest of Lesvos (Greece) receive refugees who have escaped from their country. This site is about helping. 
Greece: Samos Help the Refugees in Samos, Greece Refugees arrive in Samos, Greece daily and are in need of basic items such as blankets, nappies, food, water etc. I am raising funds and need your help.. 
Greece: Thessalonika Hot Meals & Basic Supplies for Unsheltered Refugees You can track our efforts by following @spanakopitaki, @teacherdude and @shebagrey, as well as #refugees_skg and #refugeesGr on Twitter. I am happy to respond to any inquiry via or Twitter (@spanakopitaki). If you happen to be in the region, let me know - we and the refugees are happy for your sympathies and every helping hand! 
Greece:Thessalonika Refugee Solidarity Movement Ensuring Food Security & basic supplies for refugees in Thessaloniki 
Greece: Tilos Support Refugees on Tilos Island Raising funds and co-ordinating support for refugees arriving on Tilos Island, Greece. Donations can be made via  
Greece, Turkey and Beyond Refugee Aid 2015 Refugee Aid, a grass roots project based in West Yorks which aims to provide desperately needed aid to Syrian refugees in Europe, Greece, Turkey & beyond. 
International Mapping Refugee Aid Initiatives Europe So many people want to do something for the people seeking refuge in Europe. Initiatives like collections of goods and food, benefits and transport to Calais, Kos and other places are started everywhere. This group tries to map these initiatives and lets organizers share their tips, experiences and network, next to connecting people who want to do something but don't know where to start. 
International Refugees Welcome -UK Set up in September 2015, 'Refugees Welcome UK' aims to connect its members with people and organisations working across the Middle East and Europe to help those affected  
International We work with and support the poorest and most vulnerable individuals from across the world. 
INTERNATIONAL Calais People To People International Women & Children Refugees in Temporary Camps /North Iraq & Syria. Need your help to Survive. They can not afford to flee war torn countries ! 
Iraq & Syria Calais People to To People International Women & Children Refugees in Temporary Camps /North Iraq & Syria. Need your help to Survive. They can not afford to flee war torn countries 
Mediterranean  Refugees/Migrants Emergency Response - Mediterranean Visualisations from UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency 
Mediterranean Migrant Offshore Aid Station MOAS consists of international humanitarians, security professionals, medical staff, and experienced maritime officers who have come together to help prevent further catastrophes at sea. They are passionate about the plight of those seeking a better life, free of violence, despite the dangers they face. MOAS was founded by Christopher Catrambone (American) and Regina Catrambone (Italian). 
Not Specified Creative Collective For Refugee Relief Creative Collective for Refugee Relief raises funds for clothing and equipment for refugees via the sale of donations of art from the Facebook community. 
Serbia Volunteer at Miksaliste Volunteer at Miksaliste! 
SOUTHERN +SE EUROPE FB GROUP: People to People Solidarity - Southern/SE Europe his group is meant to share practical knowledge and information about the aid needs, Southern Europe and South East Europe. While not excluding any other area in South Europe and beyond, we might primarily be focusing on countries such as: Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey... 
Syria Cornwall Compassion We’re a bunch of Cornish dwellers with a heart for refugees. Not only do we have the heart, we’ve also the passion to: CONNECT with like-hearted folk BECOME aware of the facts ACT in some capacity: however big or small 
Syria ISRAA'S STORY A teacher in Syria, forced to leave her home and job because of war, has found a way to combine her love of teaching and art to help children in Za'atari 
Syria Hand in Hand For Syria UK Registered charity providing humanitarian support for the people of Syria. You can help us by donating online. Visit 
Syria Taste of Freedom: A Cookbook For Syria An ebook of my mum's Syrian recipes to support refugees. Download the cookbook at 
Syria MAPPING THE SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS ACROSS EUROPE: IN PICTURES The UN undersecretary estimated in August 2015 that 250,000 civilian deaths have been caused by the conflict. It's unsurprising then that many Syrians have fled the country. The refugee crisis is epic in size, spilling over into every country in Europe. One way to attempt to comprehend it is to look at it through the lens of cartography.  
Syria Bearwood Action For Refugees This is a community group engaging local individuals, groups and schools in helping Syrian refugees through fundraising and awareness-raising activities. Currently fundraising for Leros Solidarity Network and collecting for Aid Leros through a Christmas Colouring Book Appeal. 
SYRIA SYRIAN FUNDRAISERS via The Guardian Multiple aid agencies are raising money to help Syrian refugees. Here's a roundup of how to donate to the main appeals 
Syria: Idomeni Syrian Refugee Aid in Idomeni I plan to travel to Thessaloniki in mid-October with a small group of volunteers to help the Idomeni refugees for a week. We will use any remaining funds to buy further supplies once there. I hope to keep the fund going once back and will adapt what the money is spent on as the requirements change. 
Syria: Leros Aid Leros  will be taking aid to the Syrian refugees on Leros and neighbouring greek islands. The funds will pay for the aid to be transported to the camps, I will also be buying essentials such as food and nappies while over there and distributing them to the refugees. We are also taking donations of clothing, footwear blankets and other necessities I won't be taking food as it will be cheaper buying it out there rather than taking up precious baggage allowance. By buying food and other aid in Greece we will also be helping the local economy which is currently under huge strain. Please spare anything you can as your generosity will directly help those most in need. 
The Balkans RefuComm Working to support refugees on their way through the Balkans. Providing what they ask the most: Information and communication. 
Turkey Help The Syrians In Instanbul The refugees have fled from Syria because of the current war. They were taken to a refugee camp outside of Istanbul, but had to leave to protect their children. Sadly life to them seems safer on the streets than in the security of a refugee camp. 
worldwide Translators Without Borders Translators without Borders, assists in translating more than two million words per year for NGOs such as Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Médecins du Monde, Action Against Hunger, Oxfam US and Handicap International. But this is not even meeting 1% of the need. There are literally thousands more organizations that need help for critical communications. By developing an open digital platform and establishing organizational structure, Translators Without Borders hopes to increase that number to 10 million words or more every year. Our mission is to increase access to knowledge through humanitarian translations.  
worldwide You Can Now Help Feed Refugees with Your Phone As nations figure out how to deal with an influx of migrants, some refugees end up hungry. Now, thanks to an app, you can feed refugee Syrian children half a world away with a tap of your phone.  
Worldwide Wefugee.Org Wefugee - community without borders is a Q & A community and a meeting point for refugees, volunteers and organizations. On they can give support to each other and share information not only concerning legal matters and asylum proceedings, but also taking into account aspects of daily life such as culture, sports activities or good Halal food. „I would love to help but I don’t have enough time to do so“. This answer is simply not acceptable. No matter if you are at home, sitting on the couch, on the train or having your lunch break; on Wefugee anyone can answer questions and give support to others at any time. 
Worldwide Voices From The Road Helping refugees and migrants share snapshots of their lives and their journeys. 
Worldwide Humanwire.Org Humanwire is a new way to provide support for refugees. Follow your donation into the very hands of the person you can connect with whilst helping to bridge the culture gap.  
Worldwide? United Rescues - Missing Persons We need the following information to register the missing data to facilitate the search for them : 1. picture of the missing 2. birth if any 3. Name and Age 4. When last seen 5. Where last seen 
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