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16 November 2016 The Guardian Migrant teenagers without family in UK barred except Syrians and Sudanese Campaigners condemn Home Office guidelines on 12- to 15-year-olds issued after demolition of Calais camp 
5 November 2016 The Guardian Most Calais camp child refugees ‘traumatised and depressed’ Charities warn that the longer children are exposed to uncertainty, the more difficult it will be for them to adjust to normal life 
4 November 2016 The World Post My Thoughts on the Demolition of the Calais Jungle Refugee Cam 
2 November 2016 The Guardian Last of Calais refugee children evacuated as camp clearance ends Riot police stand by as buses take remaining asylum-seeking teenagers to undisclosed locations across France 
1 November 2016 The Guardian Calais camp hit by riots as remaining refugees prepare to be removed Police use teargas to quell protests as tension mounts over uncertain fate of 1,500 teenagers due to be relocated 
31 October 2016 The Independent Calais 'Jungle' like 'Lord of the Flies', with more than a thousand children in container compound, volunteers claim Exclusive: Children are struggling to survive in difficult and dangerous conditions, volunteers told The Independent  
31 October 2016 The Independent Human rights lawyers blocked from entering Calais Jungle during demolition under State of Emergency ban Exclusive: French authorities used State of Emergency powers to create a 'protected zone' around the Jungle 
29 October 2016 The Guardian Calais camp charities attack UK and France over unaccompanied children Governments accused of letting charities fill void created by lack of state support in providing meals for under-18s on site 
29 October 2016 The Guardian Refugees exchange squalor of Calais for vineyards of Burgundy At one of 450 swiftly converted properties across France, arrivals from Calais are recovering – and intent on learning French as fast as possible 
29 October 2016 The Guardian Kindertransport hero’s daughter urges UK to welcome Calais refugees Daughter of ‘the British Schindler’ calls on home secretary to extend same compassion as greeted the 669 children evacuated to Britain in 1939 
28 October 2016 The Guardian Calais: France says Britain must take in more than 1,000 refugee children Nearly 1,500 children remain in shipping containers as fears rise for some who were due to come to the UK and are missing 
28 October 2016 The Guardian Calais: concerns grow for refugee children who missed UK-bound buses Red Cross says Calais refugee camp demolition should not have gone ahead without every child being accounted for 
28 October 2016 The Guardian I was a medic in the Calais refugee camp. Good riddance to it. The beatings, the disease, the squalor … the appalling conditions I witnessed in the camp should shame Europe 
27 October 2016 The Guardian Calais: refugee children 'sleeping rough' after camp demolition Charities say unaccompanied children are among hundreds who have been left without shelter in France 
27 October 2016 The Guardian Here lie the unwanted of Calais – an indictment of us, not them. This is an age of unparalleled harshness. While desperate people sleep amid piles of rubbish, we have lost sight of their humanity, and ours 
27 October 2016 The Guardian Calais camp: police detain young people amid chaotic scenes Panic and confusion in camp as charities are told police will arrest anyone remaining on site without registration bracelet Play VideoPlay Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time 0:17 Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% FullscreenMute 
27 October 2016 The Guardian Calais: fears grow for dozens of children amid chaotic camp shutdown Charities fear for safety of unregistered minors as French officials try to declare clearout complete and fires ravage camp 
26 October 2016 Vice Why the Press Want to Stop Celebrities Like Me Talking About the Migrant Crisis By Lily Allen 
26 October 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle closed: Hundreds of children remain unaccounted for despite official closure Between 300 and 400 children are believed to remain in and around the camp after ‘safe space’ accomodation designated for minors was reported full May Bulman 5 hours ago 
25 October 2016 The Guardian For Calais refugees, this is the bulldozing of hope as well as home It happened in Greece, now it’s happening in Calais: razing refugee camps serves politics, not people 
24 October 2016 The Independent The Calais Jungle should never have existed – it represents Europe’s barbaric response to the refugee crisis Isn’t it strange that the response from organised, settled Europe has been a hearty mix of slapdash border control and an occasional teargassing for the cameras?  
24 October 2016 The Guardian Europe isn’t just about trade. It’s about humanity too 
24 October 2016 Nord Pas - De - Calais  Une trentaine de migrants de Calais applaudis à leur arrivée à Croisilles Ils sont les premiers migrants de Calais accueillis dans le département.  
24 October 2016 The Canary French police evict thousands of refugees in Calais, but fail in one big area  
24 October 2016 The Guardian Hundreds leave Calais by bus on first day of operation to clear refugee camp Steady stream of buses leaves French port town as authorities aim to clear 3,000 adults and children from camp 
24 October 2016 The Independent The rise of right-wing populism as a mainstream concept has distorted our perception of the refugee crisis The forces that have driven people to the jungle are many and varied but one thing is clear. Not one among them has fled a liberal democracy with a functioning welfare state 
24 October 2016 The Conversation After the Calais Jungle: is there a long-term solution? Views from France and Britain 
24 October 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle closed: Children at risk of 'disappearing' into hands of smugglers, warns Yvette Cooper The new chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee said hundreds of children in the camp are at risk despite efforts to bring some to the UK 
24 October 2016 The Guardian Q&A: what happens now to the Calais refugees? As the first buses leave the Calais refugee camp, what is in store for the people who have been staying there? 
23 October 2016 The Guardian Young residents of Calais remain unsure and afraid as demolition looms As French authorities prepare to dismantle the camp that is home to up to 8,000 people, children and young adults are anxious about their next moves 
23 October 2016 The Observer Anger as ‘panicking’ Home Office puts minors in detention centre Source claims officials ‘didn’t do anything’ for weeks after closure of Calais camp was proposed and are not ready to place minors with their families 
22 October 2016 The Guardian More than 50 child refugees arrive in Britain as Calais camp faces destruction Girls first to be brought to UK under the Dubs amendment – potentially opening the door for the arrival of hundreds more unaccompanied child refugees 
22 October 2016 The Independent There's a reason the teenage boys I work with from the Calais Jungle look so old They’ve been travelling for months (years, in some cases), sleeping rough, starving and dehydrated. They’re not going to bounce off the bus like Harry Potter on his first day at Hogwarts. What did you expect? 
22 October 2016 Finchley Reform Synagogue the connection between the Calais children arriving today and those on the Kindertransport. 
21 October 2016 The Independent Of course refugee children should face dental tests – we need to make sure we’re getting the ones we ordered It makes you proud that we’re a Christian nation, acting on the words of Jesus when he said: ‘Let the suffering children come, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these – but not that bastard, he’s 19 if he’s a day’ 
20 October 2016 The Guardian Others may stoke fear but Croydon will embrace the Calais children As young refugees arrive at Lunar House in the face of suspicion and demands for dental tests, local churches have come together to offer a warmer welcome 
19 October 2016 The Guardian As a nation would we ever sink so low as to check refugees’ teeth? 
19 October 2016 The Independent The Daily Mail actually used a 'wildly inaccurate' age guessing app to judge child refugees 
19 October 2016 The Guardian Home Office rules out 'unethical' dental checks for Calais refugees Department says dental checks to verify age of young refugees hoping to settle in UK would be ‘inaccurate and inappropriate’ 
19 October 2016 The Guardian At 13 I found sanctuary in Britain, now we’re failing refugee children 
19 October 2016 The response to child refugees arriving in the UK shows how low we have sunk 
19 October 2016 The Guardian Children don't come date-stamped – and that includes refugees Using medical information to try to pinpoint a young person’s age is folly, for both practical and ethical reasons 
19 October 2016 The Guardian The real refugee scandal is that the UK has been locking up children Refugee Council data shows that some young asylum seekers have been unlawfully detained in adult centres. This must end 
19 October 2016 New Statesman Our suspicions of child refugees reveal our own prejudices We already have age checks in place.  
18 October 2016 The Independent Interpreter raped at knifepoint near Calais 'Jungle' Afghan woman had been working on documentary about unaccompanied children in camp 
18 October 2016 The Guardian Afghan boy rescued from Calais camp: 'I still can’t believe I am here' Haris Ghazi, who made his way across Asia and Europe after fleeing fighting, is reunited in UK with his uncle 
18 October 2016 The Guardian UK-French blame game over Calais camp must end, says Cazeneuve Interior minister says there have been misunderstandings on each side but both must take responsibility for crisis 
17 October 2016 The Guardian Rowan Williams: government is 'foot-dragging' over Calais child refugees Former archbishop of Canterbury wants government to expedite cases of about 400 minors still at French camp before its demolition 
17 October 2016 The Guardian First group of refugee children arrives in Britain from Calais Resettlement programme commences as 14 minors from war-torn countries are reunited briefly with UK-based relatives 
15 October 2016 The Guardian 'He was very scared': the death of a teenage stowaway Last month 14-year-old Raheemullah Oryakhel died trying to reach the UK. As the Calais camp where he lived is dispersed, where will children like him go? 
15 October 2016 L'Humanite Dismantling of Calais: the Council of Europe contradicts Hollande 
15 October 2016 The Independent The Calais Jungle: discerning fact from fiction among the rumours I was told that the first indication of the date of the previous camp evictions in February was a local bin man disclosing the end date of his contract to collect rubbish in the south side of the camp. That eviction saw 3,000 refugees forced out of their shelters – this time, it will be 10,000 
14 October 2016 The Independent French police accused of ‘stealing phones and shoes of refugees to stop them leaving Calais Jungle’ Exclusive: Outraged MEP describes actions as ‘inhuman’, while refugees say they’ve been threatened with force if they fail to obey orders 
14 October 2016 The Guardian UK volunteers with donations for Calais denied entry to France Volunteers driving cars full of clothes and food for refugees are turned away at Folkestone, told they pose threat to public order 
10 October 2016 The Guardian Eritrean man dies after Calais road accident involving UK lorry driver Motorist hits two Eritreans while trying to avoid obstacles placed on A16 by people attemtping to reach Britain, say officials 
10 October 2016 BBC Calais camp: List of children in the 'Jungle' to be given to UK 
7 October 2016 LCI Reportedly, a thousand CRS has received the order to be ready from Monday, October 17 
3 October 2016 The Guardian Tory MPs urge Amber Rudd to do more to help child refugees in Calais Ten MPs write to home secretary calling for safe accommodation to be found for lone children living in ‘wretched’ conditions 
3 October 2016 The Guardian When the Calais camp closes, what will happen to its vulnerable women? 
1 October 2016 Herald Scotland Tear gas and rubber bullets in the battle to reach Britain 
1 October 2016 Julien Pitinome Manifestation en faveur des réfugiés. 1er octobre 2016 – Calais. 
30 September 2016 Refinery 29 Update From Calais As Camp Closure Looms 
28 September 2016 The Guardian Jeremy Corbyn urged to back urgent child refugee policy Protection of child refugees to be debated by Labour conference on Wednesday in hope of speeding arrival of lone children from Calais in UK 
27 September 2016 The Guardian France urged to house children living alone in Calais camp Children’s commissioners call on French government to rescue 1,000 asylum-seeking children as a matter of urgency 
27 September 2016 RT ‘Scattering dust’: Right-wing French politician under fire over Calais refugee comments 
26 September 2016 The Express Calais mayor says people feel TRAPPED by migrant wall and pledges to STOP construction 
24 September 2016 The Guardian New fears for 1,000 lone children in Calais refugee camp French authorities hope Britain will honour pledges and rescue minors when the bulldozers move in 
24 September 2016 The Guardian France 'to move Calais refugees to reception centres within weeks' Centres will hold people for up to four months, and those who do not seek asylum will be sent home, François Hollande says 
22 September 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle volunteers accused of 'sexually exploiting' camp's refugees Exclusive: The allegations have caused anger and division among charity workers at the camp 
22 September 2016 The Guardian  Calais refugee children abandoning plans to reach UK Around 95% of unaccompanied children now say they want to remain in France compared with 15% last year, charity says 
21 September 2016 RT UK starts building ‘Great Wall of Calais’ to keep Jungle camp refugees out 
18 September 2016 The Independent 14-year-old boy is youngest refugee to die trying to cross UK border from Calais Jungle 
16 September 2016 Passeurs d'hospitalités – English ~ Exiles in Calais and at the British border A death on the ring road – the driver did not stop 
13 September 2016 Parallels: Many Stories, One Word For One French Woman, An Eye-Opening Visit To Calais' Refugee 'Jungle' 
7 September 2016 The Guardian UK immigration minister confirms work to start on £1.9m Calais wall Robert Goodwill says four-metre high wall to stop refugees boarding lorries is part of £17m Anglo-French security package 
6 September 2016 The Guardian UK minister confirms work to start on £1.9m Calais wall 
2 September 2016 Al Jazeera France to dismantle remaining Calais jungle 'in one go' The shelter of thousands of migrants and refugees is set to be "definitively" closed "as quickly as possible". 
30 August 2016 The Guardian UK and French authorities 'blind' to growing problems in Calais camp Aid agencies and hauliers fear overcrowding and hunger will spark serious violence in French refugee camp 
30 August 2016 The Guardian Calais asylum hotspot proposal: the main questions answered French politicians want a centre where UK asylum claims can be processed in France. Why has the plan caused so much outrage? 
23 August 2016 Wall Street Journal Calais Migrant Clash Leaves One Dead, One Wounded 11th death this year highlights escalating tensions around crowded port 
21 August 2016 Al Jazeera 'The Calais Sessions' and the music of Kasper Album by refugees living in a camp in Calais and British cellist Vanessa Lucas-Smith is a hit on iTunes. 
18 August 2016 The Guardian Conditions for unaccompanied children in Calais camp worsening, says report Child asylum seekers at risk of disappearing due to lack of safe accommodation and support, says Refugee Youth Service 
17 August 2016 The Telegraph British councillors visit Calais Jungle for crisis talks on child refugees, as camp 'swells to 9,000' 
16 August 2016 CNET Refugees Cling to WiFi In Jungle 
22 July 2016 The Guardian The children of the Calais refugee camp face daily horrors. End their anguish now 
21 July 2016 International Business Times Migrant crisis: A record 7,300 people now live in Calais' Jungle migrant camp 
19 July 2016 Le Défenseur des Droits Déclaration du Défenseur des droits sur une possible évacuation de la zone Nord du bidonville de Calais 
22 June 2016 Reuters Darfuri man who walked through Channel Tunnel walks free in Britain 
22 June 2016 The Tab We spoke to the people giving refugees their own media platform 
22 June 2016 Daily Mail The number of children at the infamous Jungle camp in Calais without parents rises by a THIRD in a month with more than 500 living there now Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook 
22 June 2016 Daily Mail The number of children at the infamous Jungle camp in Calais without parents rises by a THIRD in a month with more than 500 living there now Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook 
21 June 2016 Exeunt Magazine Inside a Cargo Lorry Playwright Tess Berry-Hart shares her research into the horrendously dangerous conditions refugees endure when entering the UK, ahead of her play 'Cargo'. 
8 June 2016 The Guardian We built this city: how the refugees of Calais became the camp's architects 
27 May 2016 RT Clashes in Calais ‘Jungle’ camp during meals distribution, tear gas deployed (VIDEO) 
26 May 2016 Le Parisien Jungle de Calais : une rixe entre migrants fait au moins 40 blessés 
26 May 2016 France 24 Brawl at Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp leaves 20 injured 
20 May 2016 BBC Kindertransport veterans urge Calais children help 
21 April 2016 La Voix Du Nord Yolande Moreau a filmé pour Arte les réfugiés de Grande-Synthe et Calais, découvrez son reportage (VIDÉO) 
20 April 2016 The Guardian That thing gnawing away at all of us’: Calais and the shantytown on its doorstep Once a centre of industry as well as a prosperous port, the city is now synonymous with the misery of migrants, and its residents are not enjoying their notoriety 
18 April 2016 Huffington Post In The Calais Jungle, Even Those Granted Passage To Britain Will Take Matters Into Their Own Hands ‘I want to see my mum but as soon as the war stops I’m going to go back’. 
13 April 2016 Le Monde Pourquoi tous ces mineurs isolés? 
11 April 2016 The Independent What life looks like for refugees in France 
3 April 2016 Huffington Post Eleven-Year-Old Boy Goes Missing and the World Is Complicit In Its Silence 
30 March 2016 Independent Catholic News Caritas Westminster, Justice & Peace visit Calais refugee camp 
24 March 2016 The Guardian Camp Demolitions 'forcing more refugees to make crossing to UK' 
16 March 2016 Calais Migrant Solidarity Prefecture intervenes to try and stop the hunger strike  
15 March 2016 STV Jungle rebuild: Refugees cling to Calais community after camp destroyed 
12 March 2016 The Guardian How I crossed a continent and scoured 70 refugee camps to find my mother At a Dunkirk refugee camp, Sarah Whitehead hears a story of five sons who lost their mother but who refused to give up until they found her again 
12 March 2016 The Independent Far-right activists 'impersonated police to attack refugees for money and mobile phones' in Calais 
12 March 2016 RT Protesters block migrant routes to Calais, demand end to ‘invasion in Europe’ (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) 
12 March 2016 The Guardian The end of the road: a sketchbook of refugees in Calais As the French refugee camp known as the ‘Jungle’ faces demolition, graphic artist Nick Hayes documents the lives of its inhabitants, and the homes, shops and churches they built in an atmosphere of fear and hope 
11 March 2016 Al Jazeera Refugee crisis: Calais eviction sprouts new 'jungles' 
10 March 2016 The Times British Aid Worker On Hunger Strike In Calais Jungle. 
9 March 2016 The Conversation Calais bulldozers endanger effective refugee infrastructure 
8 March 2016 The Independent David Cameron is boasting about the fact that Britain doesn't have to take families fleeing war and persecution 90 per cent of the non-EU migrants arriving on boats from the Mediterranean are genuine refugees - and 90 per cent of EU migrants don't take in-work benefits. Where's the problem? 
7 March 2016 Al Jazeera Calais: 'Jungle' destruction resumes After weekend pause, demolition teams in France move in to dismantle tents and makeshift shacks housing refugees. 
5 March 2016 The Daily Star Lebanon The myth of No Borders group in Calais 
4 March 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle refugee children being raped in camp, aid workers claim Exclusive: Medical volunteers say they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months 
3 March 2016 Oxfordshire Guardian Tory campaigner calls on Prime Minister to help Calais refugees 
3 March 2016 The Guardian Sorry, France, but razing the Calais ‘Jungle’ is not humanitarian Clare Moseley 
3 March 2016 The Daily Star Lebanon Unaccompanied Calais minors should 'quickly' rejoin family in Britain: Hollande 
3 March 2016 The Independent We’re mugs: being gassed in the Calais Jungle is an easy life in Europe I’ve often wished removal men would give me a hand by whacking me with truncheons 
3 March 2016 The Guardian Calais officials: refugee camp demolition most humane option Authorities say proper care will be given to residents who sewed lips together in protest, but destruction will continue 
2 March 2016 La Voix Du Nord « Jungle » de Calais : calme relatif pour la deuxième journée de démantèlement (VIDÉO) 
2 March 2016 The Guardian Calais camp is razed with nowhere for most refugees to go 
2 March 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle: 'Dangerous' UK activists don't care about refugees, says official responsible for clearing camp 
1 March 2016 The Independent Calais 'Jungle' evictions: Demolition teams return to refugee camp with riot police after overnight clashes 
1 March 2016 The Guardian Calais camp refugees burn shelters as demolitions resume 
29 February 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle Is Evicted By Police With Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons 
29 February 2016 The Guardian 'It was petrifying': lorry driver attacked near Calais feared for his life Mick Young, from Essex, needed A&E treatment after attack by refugees and migrants angered by demolition of camp 
26 February 2016 The Guardian Demolishing the Calais Jungle won’t solve this humanitarian emergency 
26 February 2016 Huffington Post The Destruction of the Calais 'Jungle' and Europe's Short-term Memory 
25 February 2016 The Guardian Judge gives go-ahead to demolish part of Jungle refugee camp in Calais 
25 February 2016 BBC Calais 'Jungle' eviction gets go-ahead 
24 February 2016 Evening Standard ‘We fear we’ll never get our baby out of here’, say couple in Jungle Camp 
23 February 2016 New Internationalist Magazine Forced displacement in Calais Jungle 
23 February 2016 BBC Calais 'Jungle': Migrants' eviction ruling delayed 
23 February 2016 Aljazeera America Welcome to the ‘Jungle’ in Calais 
22 February 2016 RFI Calais Jungle to be demolished, yet migrants resist government rehousing 
21 February 2016 The Independent Calais 'Jungle' eviction postponed after charity discovers hundreds of lone children 
20 February 2016 The Guardian Calais orders up to 1,000 residents of Jungle camp to leave by Tuesday 
19 February 2016 The Bookseller Jamie Byng in Calais children protest 
19 February 2016 Dover Express Body floating in Port of Calais identified as 30-year-old Afghanistan man Read more: Follow us: @doverexpress on Twitter | doverexpress on Facebook 
19 February 2016 The Guardian Football offers a haven of hope beyond the heartache of life as a refugee 
19 February 2016 Huffington Post Richard Branson Praises Calais Refugee Camp's 'Entrepreneurial Spirit' With Life-Saving Innovations The Huffington Post UK | By Jack Sommers Email 
19 February 2016 The Guardian PODCAST: On a trip to the Calais migrant camp known as ‘the Jungle’, we explore the impact of books, storytelling and creativity on the refugees there, take a tour of their library and speak to one of the members of Pussy Riot in the camp 
19 February 2016 The Guardian Photographer Felix Clay went to Calais to find out more about a project to help refugee children living in the Jungle ease the suffering by playing football 
18 February 2016 The Independent  Refugee crisis: Young Calais refugees face having their houses demolished The children have travelled thousands of miles from war-torn countries in the hope of seeking asylum in the UK 
18 February 2016 The Guardian There’s nascent hope in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp. So why destroy it? 
18 February 2016 The Guardian Between the razor-wire and the riot police: the amazing shows I saw at the Calais Jungle theatre 
18 February 2016 Times of Israel Muddy squalor and makeshift mosques as UK clergy visit Calais ‘jungle’ 
18 February 2016 The Guardian British writers and actors urge David Cameron to rescue refugee children 
17 February 2016 The Independent Young Calais refugees face having their houses demolished 
16 February 2016 Independent Witness The Pied Piper of the Jungle 
15 February 2016 Passeurs d'hospitalités ~ des exilés à Calais Les destructions, ce n’est pas seulement à Calais 
15 February 2016 nordeclair Au nom des avocats de France, il vient à Boulogne défendre les migrants de Calais 
15 February 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle: French government to clear out 1,000 refugees 
13 February 2016 Sky News Armed Militia Groups Attack Calais Migrants 
13 February 2016 The Guardian Police and 'militias' attacking refugees at Calais, says charity 
13 February 2016 nordeclair Au nom des avocats de France, il vient à Boulogne défendre les migrants de Calais 
12 February 2016 Le Monde L’Etat va raser la moitié de la « jungle » de Calais 
12 February 2016 The Independent Calais Jungle refugees targeted by armed far-right militia in brutal campaign of violence 
12 February 2016 The Guardian France prepares to bulldoze half of Jungle migrant camp 
8 February 2016 UNHCR UNHCR concerned about conditions in Calais and Dunkirk 
4 February 2016 Humanity rises through inhumane conditions in Calais “Jungle” 
4 February 2016 Children of the Calais "Jungle" 
3 February 2016 Truth Out Dangerous Weaponry Used on Refugees With No Legal Status in Calais, France 
3 February 2016 The Guardian Postcards from the Calais Jungle: 'I wish people could see how human we are' 
26 January 2016 Nubi Magazine Calais: Welcome To The Jungle 
23 January 2016 BBC Jeremy Corbyn speaks of 'dreadful' migrant camp conditions 
22 January 2016 Mike Buss: Beyond Impossible The Refugee Camp that Isn't Really A Refugee camp 
22 January 2016 Huffington Post Murder, Milgram, Derren Brown and Rob Lawrie 
20 January 2016 BBC Syrian teenagers in Calais win UK asylum ruling 
19 January 2016 Independent Catholic News Refugees in northern France - recent developments 
18 January 2016 The Guardian 'Kids could die in the cold': the race to rehouse Calais refugees 
18 January 2016 Sky news Four young Syrian men who have family in the UK want to come to Britain while their claims are still being assessed. 
18 January 2016 Revolution Permanente [Vidéo] Calais. Milice d’extrême droite et CRS jettent pierres et grenades pour chasser des migrants 
17 January 2016 Los Angeles Review of Books Reportage Art from the Calais Jungle: “A Sea of Tents Surrounds Me” by Peter Blodau & Elle Kurancid 
16 January 2016 The Guardian Protesters hold 'die-in' for refugees at Eurostar terminal in London's St Pancras station – video 
14 January 2016 Mediapart Les containers de la honte 
14 January 2016 Independent Calais ‘Jungle’ clearing: Tensions mount as refugees prepare for clash with police and government bulldozers 
13 January 2016 The Local Fr Calais refugees worry as bulldozers roll in to camp 
12 January 2016 The Guardian Calais 'Jungle' residents defy bulldozers as police issue ultimatum to leave 
12 January 2016 The independent Calais Jungle camp: 2,000 refugees living in makeshift shelters 'given three days to leave as bulldozers move in' 
9 January 2016 The Guardian Calais ‘Jungle’: anger over fate of child refugees denied UK asylum hearing 
7 January 2016 Independent Catholic News  One refugee's story: from Syria to France 
6 January 2016 Huffington Post 'Insidious Lie': Tessa Jowell's Condemnation of the Falsehoods Britain is Fed About the Calais Jungle Refugees 
6 January 2016 Hansard Transcript Andy Slaughter MP - Hammersmith 
5 January 2016 The Guardian Heavy rains bring disease and disaster to France's forgotten refugee camp 
5 January 2016 20 Mins Le camp de migrants de Grande-Synthe ne sera pas pérennisé 
3 January 2016 Buzzfeed The Desperate Need For A Political Solution To Save Those In Calais 
3 January 2016 Nord Littoral Sans l’intervention des migrants, je serais peut-être morte 
28 December 2015 Calais Migrant Solidarity 20th – 26th December This week in Calais 
26 December 2015 Nord Littoral The Forum? A Change of Name for the Jungle 
24 December 2015 Les Enrages « JE VAIS CHERCHER MON GUN, C’EST LA GUERRE CE SOIR » 
22 December 2015 L'Obs Le Plus 150 à 200 mineurs vivent dans la "jungle" de Calais: leurs conditions de vie sont indignes 
17 December 2015 Doctors of the World Calais: a refugee camp on the fringes of society 
17 December 2015 Channel News Asia Calais 'Jungle' migrants to sell 'Wish we weren't here' postcards 
15 December 2015 La Voix Du Nord Camp pour migrants à Calais : une bonne opportunité pour les sociétés de sécurité 
15 December 2015 Nord Pas-De-Calais le premier conteneur a été installé pour accueillir les migrants 
15 December 2015 The Intercept  THE JUNGLE During Paris Summit, Climate and War Refugees Continued to Perish 
11 December 2015 Colossal New Works from Banksy at the The Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais 
9 December 2015 Yoppul Island teenagers in solidarity with Calais refugees 
8 December 2015 Nord Littoral Calais: un migrant soudanais est mort poignardé dans la Jungle 
8 December 2015 International Business Times Calais Refugee Camp Stabbing Death: French 'Jungle' Criticized For Human Rights Violations Before Latest Instance Of Violence 
6 December 2015 Wall Street Journal Camped in Calais, Migrants Defy French Resettlement Plan 
4 December 2015 RT Dead End: The Calais Crisis: RT documentary meets refugees on Britain’s doorstep (VIDEO) 
4 December 2015 Calais Migrant Solidarity Police Violence at the Jungle / November 2015 
4 December 2015 Newsweek French Mayor Bans Calais Refugees From Local Swimming Pool 
3 December 2015 Nord Litteral Un migrant est mort percuté par une camionnette jeudi soir sur l’A16 
3 December 2015 The National The long read: migrants of the Calais Jungle camp cling to hope 
3 December 2015 The Local FR Refugees 'barred' from French swimming pool 
30 November 2015 Amid the desolation, hope emerges from the Calais jungle 
28 November 2015 The Guardian Life in a refugee camp: 'the cold and fear get in your bones' 
26 November 2015 La Voix Du Nord Calais: un migrant renversé par une camionnette ce mercredi soir 
23 November 2015 La Voix Du Nord Migrants de Calais : le Conseil d’État confirme la condamnation de l’État et de la Ville 
23 November 2015 Irish Examiner Terror in Paris takes it toll on refugees in Calais camp 
17 November 2015 Huffington Post We Are All Victims of Terror - Don't Turn the Refugees Away 
14 November 2015 Mashable UK Refugees who fled ISIS now fear backlash after Paris attacks 
14 November 2015 Metro Urgent appeal for help in Calais after fire ravages migrant camp  
13 November 2015 Midlands Express and Star Someone will be killed in 'lawless' Calais, UK hauliers warn 
13 November 2015 TyrePress RHA: waiting for Calais death simply not an option – video 
12 November 2015 Channel 4 News Calais Jungle Camp littered with asbestos 
12 November 2015 The Guardian French paper publishes Facebook 'hate speech' from Calais migrant articles 
12 November 2015 HGVUK.Com FTA says it warned of Calais riots 
11 November 2015 The Morning Star Worse Than After WW2: Harry Leslie Smith's Condemnation Of 'The Jungle' 
10 November 2015 The More violence in Calais as refugees are moved 
10 November 2015 The Telegraph 16 police injured in 'unprecedented clashes' with migrants in Calais overnight 
10 November 2015 Huffington Post Living in Calais, France's Refugee Camp: The Humans Behind the Headlines 
10 November 2015 27 police officers hurt in two nights of unrest at Calais migrant camp 
10 November 2015 Expatica France beefs up Calais security after migrant clashes 
9 November 2015 Irish Examiner Nothing sweet for 6-year-old Honey in the Calais’ mud 
9 November 2015 Huffington Post A Day in the Life of a Child Refugee - What Happened When We Gave a Camera to an Eight-Year-Old Eritrean Boy 
6 November 2015 BBC News London aid workers helping Calais migrants and refugees accuse police of harassment 
5 November 2015 Police fly hundreds of refugees from Calais across France 
4 November 2015 The Guardian Refugee children of Calais: 'I’m very homesick, I wish I could go back now' 
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 The Guardian Calais's refugee children are sleeping rough because of Tory policy As 100 children spend the night outside following the camp clearance, observers count the cost of Theresa May’s tough stance 
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