Caravans For Calais

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What is our aim? To send as many caravans as possible in a comfortable time limit to French coast refugee camps to ease the issue of winter approaching.

How do we decide who gets a caravan?  

We work closely with on camp coordinators to ensure that caravans are used where needed. The initial test stage was supported by Liz Gall and Ifty Patel so that they could implement volunteer and medic vans. Since then - offices, volunteer information centres, and accommodation has been sent.

The caravans are ready to go and a step up from a tent as they will be  out of the mud and easy to move if the weather waterlogs the pitch. They have everything necessary to keep upto  3 people comfortable: beds, gas cooker (gas is readily available on camp), a shower or sink, a toilet area or fitted toilet, heating and storage.

Of course some people may prefer a tent.

We are happy for anyone at all to fundraise on our behalf.

All payment options are here. We don’t incur any charges for bank transfers.

Santander. 09-01-28 81069122  LimeCastle Ltd




We've got 11 mobile crisis support vehicles as of Jan 1st 2016

1 - 4x4 Pickup  - Banana - CFC tow caravans with it and other emergencies Kevin Potts drives her.
2 - Small Van  - This silver Berlingo is used by the Community Kitchen (Steve Bedlam) 
3 - LWB Panel Van  - This is the blue for Phi Lli B and the L'Auberge/Help Refugees Build Team 
4 - Transit  - This is the one with orange flash on and Tina uses it for the kitchens
5 - Catering  - Steve Bedlam looks after this baby - Community Kitchen
6 - Whits Crew Van  - Ian Wood's team use this.

7 - Bus  - Yellow bus pending going to Tillos as a GP surgery> Working on the papers.

8 - Bus  - This is the donated Hostel bus - Lizzie May Funkolini is fixing this bad boy up and will sleep 6 volunteers with a wood burner!
9 - Catering  - pending MOT - will be ready end of next week.Leon Aarts is helping us make sure it goes to the right place.
10 - Campervan  - listed on ebay as a fundraiser, the mot is too short and needs 40 hours welding.
11 - 4x4 Ambulance  - Pending welding, we are blessed that Jaye Sheppard is on this job.

Hope this clarifies the vehicles - pretty much all of the vehicles are sponsored funds specifically for the vehicle and generally the group that are using it help towards that..