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9 April 2016 Feathery Travels Building In The New Dunkirk Camp 
26 March 2016 GRANDE-SYNTHE GRANDE-SYNTHE: The humanitarian camp that France didn't wan 
9 March 2016 Le monde A Grande-Synthe, les associations dénoncent un « cynisme d’Etat hors norme  
9 March 2016 BBC  MSF fears New French migrant camp closure 
6 March 2016 France Info Crise des migrants : un camp plus propre et plus salubre à Grande-Synthe 
29 January 2016 MSF France: Frequently Asked Questions about MSF's work in Grande Synthe camp 
14 January 2016 Little What's Happening In Dunkirk?  
12 January 2016 Evening Standard 'No one should live like this an hour from London': Inside the 'New Jungle' camp at Dunkirk 
12 January 2016 MSF Refugee crisis: MSF granted permission for new camp in northern France 
8 January 2016 Refinery 29 Inside France's Forgotten Refugee Camp 
6 January 2016 Independent Refugee crisis: Police block aid to French camp 'far worse' than Calais Jungle 
5 January 2016 The People's Daily: Morning Star Conditions Deteriorating For Refugees at Dunkirk Camp 
5 January 2016 The Guardian Heavy rains bring disease and disaster to France's forgotten refugee camp 
5 January 2016 The Express Shocking photos show dire conditions at Dunkirk refugee camp 
2 January 2016 You Tube How to support the refugee crisis. Dunkerque refugees inside the camp. 
31 December 2015 Mid Ulster Mail Inspirational Coalisland women heading to help forgotten refugees at mud-bath camp dubbed ‘Purgatory’  
30 December 2015 Here & Now Boston Massachusetts Nurse On Volunteering With Migrants 
29 December 2015 Bristol Post Refugee crisis: Aid Box Convoy volunteers say people in France will die if they don't get help  
23 December 2015 The Independent Refugee crisis: Inside the Dunkirk camp where 2,500 refugees live in conditions 'far worse' than the Calais Jungle 
18 December 2015 Yorkshire Evening Post Leeds families donate 100,000 items for Syrian refugee aid convoy  
28 November 2015 The Guardian Life in a refugee camp: The Cold and Fear Gets In Your Bones 
20 October 2015 The Local Fr The forgotten refugee camp in northern France 
31 August 2015 Al Jazeera France: Where refugees go to avoid 'the jungle' 
29 August 2015 The Guardian British gang masquerades as UN officials at Dunkirk camp 
17 November 2009 Calais Migrant Solidarity Destruction of a migrant camp in Dunkerque This morning the police arrested around 30 people out of 70 – 80 living in a camp in Dunkerque. 
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