HOW TO HELP UPDATE: 26th October 2016

Now that the evictions and demolition of camp are underway the best way to support those being displaced once again is via this Facebook group dedicated to ensuring people can stay in touch with their loved ones and support groups. Here you can donate a sum of money to enable individuals to top up their phones. 

Alternatively, you can donate to the cause here

The latest message from the Help Refugees/L'Auberge Des Migrants warehouse is as follows:

The camp is under eviction as of 24/10/16 and we are waiting to restructure our support services in accordance with refugees' needs locally and across Europe as those needs emerge. We are currently not signing up new volunteers but this may change.

If you would like to volunteer in Paris please contact Utopia56: http://www.utopia56.com/en/contact
To volunteer in Dunkirk please contact jose.dams1@gmail.com

Donations update:

We're only asking for a few specific men's items that we are very short of. Please hold on to other donations that could be suitable while the situation develops. There are some items we are very unlikely to need soon (children's clothes, mattresses, sanitary towels...). 

Many others items we will quite probably need again in a few weeks' time, but we cannot be certain of this at the moment and do not have any storage capacity for them (you brought us a lot of suitcases/bags and bedding, thank you very much!).

The only items we can receive right now are the following:

Men's underwear (new)
Men's waterproof jackets, size S and M
Men's hats
Men's gloves
Men's socks
Trainers in good condition only
For anything else, please hold on to it for now if you can.
Thank you for your patience in this complicated situation.

Please email calaisdonations@gmail.com with questions and to book deliveries


In early October, 2015, various charities and grassroots organisations on the ground in Calais decided to work together to coordinate the many volunteers wanting to travel to Calais  to help;  and the huge amount of aid being delivered. 

The flowchart below describes the processes agreed by "The L'Auberge Cooperative".


Please note: 

The French authorities have announced plans to evict the camp residents and to demolish the camp by 31st October.  The organisations on the ground are currently busy preparing dealing with the consequences of the announcement and planning how best to support those affected.

At present, a continuous supply of both aid and volunteers continues to be vital in ensuring that residents are warm and sheltered and have sufficient to eat.

Once the demolition takes place, many volunteers believe that aid will still be needed because:
  • New people are expected to continue arriving in Calais despite the demolition.
  • Many of those displaced are likely to stay in the area in small camps - created wherever they can find a location
  • The Dunkirk camp will remain and at present the warehouses in Calais supply food, clothing etc to the residents there.
So, the warehouses will still be required, which means volunteers will continue to be needed to sort the aid as it arrives.  Those with vehicles capable of carrying aid and/or volunteers may well prove extremely useful in ensuring aid can be taken out to the refugees wherever they may be camped. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please be prepared to be flexible and be aware that volunteer tasks could be very different post eviction to those undertaken hitherto. 

The Donations Coordinator For The L'Auberge Cooperative  tackles the admin after a long day in the warehouse and camp so be patient and please try and give  a week's notice when you email  with details of any donations you wish to drop off (calaisdonations@gmail.com).

When you email calaisaid@gmail.com or volunteerincalais@gmail.com to express an interest in general volunteering with the L'Auberge Cooperative for the first time, or to inform them that you intend to make a return visit, you are sent a link to a form.  If you prefer to go direct to the form, please use the links below.


Donations of Goods To The L'Auberge/Help Refugees Warehouse





A group of 25 qualified therapists under the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the UK Centre for Psychotherapy. offer a single pro bono therapy sessions to volunteers who are returning from the refugee camps across Europe. 
If you are interested in grounding your experiences from the camps or needing some support as you adjust to coming home, please contact Elizabeth  on counsellingvolunteers@gmail.com.

There is also a Facebook group SSuN (The Solidarity and Support Network) that seeks to support British people volunteering in European refugee camps by buddying them with volunteer psychological therapists and experienced former humanitarian workers who make regular contact by telephone or Skype while they are in the camps or following their return.





Healthcare Professionals


Women and Children's Camp

Young People's Centre

Calais Jungle Boxing Club 
Calais Jungle Boxing Club