Below is a list of the many Facebook groups organised by volunteers across the UK and Europe in response to the refugee crisis. 

The groups were active in one or more of the following ways: raising awareness, raising funds, collecting, sorting and delivering donations and sending groups of volunteers to Calais.  
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Country/Les PaysRegion/la régionGroup/Le GroupeAbout Us/ à Propos de Nous
Country/Les PaysRegion/la régionGroup/Le GroupeAbout Us/ à Propos de Nous
Belgium Antwerp Community Support For Refugees In Antwerp This group is for those wanting to help refugees in the Antwerp region. There are a lot of initiatives already but most of them stay under the radar. We want to join the people willing to help and the cries for help in the field. 
Belgium Brussels Help the refugees In Brussels/ Aide aux réfugiés à Bruxelles This is a coordination group for people that want to support the asylum seekers in the Brussels Park near Gare du Nord. Everyone that wants to provide humanitarian help of any kind can join to coordinate, share info, donate and help the refugees that camp out in the park. 
Belgium Ninove SOS Calais S.O.S. Calais are a small charity group from Ninove, Belgium. We collect funds & clothing for the refugees. 
England  Calais Compassion We're a group of friends who want to give the displaced people stuck at calais a break. We will be raising money and delivering essential daily items. 
England  Erika and Karen going to Calais With help of our friends we have gathered a van full of goods, which we are planning to deliver to the refugee camp in early December 
England   Help the Calais Refugees We are sharing information and collecting food, bedding, art therapy materials and medical supplies to do our tiny bit in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Europe and the UK's crisis of inhumane reporting on the REFUGEE situation unfolding 
England  Open Hearts, Open Borders - Humanitarian Aid Project We are opening our hearts to those crossing borders to safety; we are offering hope and harmony to those in crisis. In partnership with community organisations and through working with the British Red Cross, The Refugee Council and any other Non Governmental Organisations actively working on the ground with the various groups fleeing conflict we aim to inform and raise awareness about humanitarian and aid issues. We are committed to providing humanitarian aid and funds to ease the suffering of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, in the UK, at European Union borders and in the places of conflict. Working within the community of Plymouth and the surrounding area we endeavour to contribute to essential, immediate and continuing assistance to those in need. 
England Berkshire Berkshire Solidarity Group "We are a group of friends that noticed that have started an event to go to Calais (organised with the ground) and noticed that there wasn't a group in our area (Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor, reading and surroundings. We've created this group as point of coordination and we intend to share the latest information on our page. " 
England  Berkshire Reading Refugee Response Hub We are a Reading drop off point for Calaid ... collecting items to be donated to the people living in the migrant refugee camps in Calais 
England Berkshire West Berkshire Helping the community of West Berkshire supporting the refugee crisis. 
England Brighton/Bristol Brighton/Bristol Calais and Dunkirk Refugee Camp Donors Group  his group is to bring people together from the Bristol and Brighton area who would like to help with donations to the refugee camp called 'The Jungle' and to keep all donors up to date with how their donations are being distributed and what supplies are currently need. 
England Bristol Bristol Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol This group aims to organise and facilitate collections of vital supplies within Bristol and their delivery to the refugee camp in Calais. 
England Buckinghamshire  High Wycombe-Aylesbury-Bucks - Jungle Solidarity A group of like minded friends who wish to help the refugees of Calais who have fled the war and terror of their homelands. Our aims are to raise funds and collect much needed items on the list below then deliver the aid direct to 'the jungle' refugee camp in Calais and beyond 
England Buckinghamshire High Wycombe - Donations for Refugees  Community page to help refugees in Calais, Greece and Syria  
England Buckinghamshire Refugee Compassion= Ayelsbury Vineyard This page will have all the info you need on upcoming trips to Calais, how to donate, supplies that are most needed etc. 
England  Cambridgeshire Cambridge - Calais Refugee Action Our aim is to raise awareness of the situation and to provide practical help to the refugees by fundraising and organising donations of clothing and other items. 
England Cambridgeshire Ely - Calais Refugee Action In conjunction with 'Calais - people to people - action from UK' This page aims to collect essential items for refugees in Calais. 
England Cheshire Refugee Aid NW (Care UK) People and groups from the Northwest of England collecting and distributing practical items to refugees in need and raising funds for those that we can't reach directly. 
England Cornwall Convoy to Calais From Cornwall A group to coordinate an aid effort from Cornwall  
England Cornwall Cornwall Compassion We’re a bunch of Cornish dwellers with a heart for refugees. Not only do we have the heart, we’ve also the passion to: CONNECT with like-hearted folk BECOME aware of the facts ACT in some capacity: however big or small 
England Cornwall Cornwall: Uk actionFor Refugees This is the page for those organising for UK Action for Refugees from Cornwall. You can share ideas keep updated and help make a difference. 
England Cornwall North Cornwall Calais Refugee Solidarity Information Exchange This is now an information exchange page, as that is what it appears to have become.. for exchanging info from groups in North Cornwall 
England Cornwall Wadebridge Cornish Refugee Aid Collection The plight of refugees fleeing for their lives is tragic. If we work together we can at the very least provide some clothing, and shelter.  
England Cornwall West Penwith - Help for Refugees "This group will act as a focal point where we can share ideas and put forward suggestions of ways in which we may be able to help fellow humans in dire need. " 
England Cumbria  Carlisle - Calais Action A Carlisle group setting out to provide help for those trapped in horrific conditions in Calais.  
England Cumbria Cumbria South  In the second week of November, we are hoping to deliver much needed supplies to what has become known as 'The Jungle' - a series of refugee camps in the vicinity of Calais.  
England Cumbria Ulverston Refugee Support Volunteers An open group for people in Ulverston and the surrounding area who want to help refugees in Calais, Kos and other places. We are doing this by collecting donations and fundraising. Please join this page if you want to organise a fundraiser or if you would like to volunteer in the shop or at an event.  
England Derbyshire Chesterfield to calais  
England Derbyshire DE Solidarity This is a group to organise and facilitate solidarity from the Derbyshire area to Calais refugees 
England Derbyshire The Hummingbird Project - High Peak People helping Refugees Our aim is to raise funds and collect donations to send much needed aid to refugee hot spots across Europe and Syria. 
England Devon Ashburton Support for Refugees. Hello lovely Ashburton! Cat and I will be driving from Ashburton to Calais on 10th October with a van load of aid in response to the Humanitarian/Refugee crisis 
England Devon  Devon Humanitarian Aid: The Road To Calais This group page is intended to help organise those who want and are able to join a Devon based UK convoy taking humanitarian aid to refugees based in Calais on 23/24 October 2015. 
England  Devon Exeter and Totnes Calais Refugee Solidarity  
England Devon Newton Abbot Crisis Aid Formed at the first meeting of people from Newton Abbot (and surrounding areas) to prepare a response to the current refugee crisis. 
England Devon  North Devon Refugee Solidarity This group has been set up to collate all the great fb groups and pages of people working in the area to support North Devon in becoming a 'Sanctuary' area for refugees, to actively promote better conditions for refugees everywhere, to put pressure of the govt to recognise the huge movement of UK citizens involved in providing aid who feel our country should be doing more, to educate schools and other groups about the realities of what is happening and to organise collections, donations and practical support too.  
England Devon Open Hearts Open Borders - Humanitarian Aid Project We are opening our hearts to those crossing borders to safety; we are offering hope and harmony to those in crisis. 
England Devon South Devon People's Assembly: Calais Refugee Solidarity & Relief A group to help coordinate donations for Calais from the South West Devon area.  
England Devon Torbay Calais Refugee Solidarity We are collecting items to be delivered to the refugee camp in Calais 
England Devon Totnes & Exeter Calais Refugee Solidarity We are no longer taking anymore donations at all. The charities on the ground at Calais have been completely overwhelmed and we have delayed our trips until early November. 
England Devon & Cornwall Devon & Cornwall - Calais Refugee Solidarity A group for anyone in the South West UK wanting to collect supplies, arrange lifts, volunteer, or spread the word. 
England Dorset Blandford CARES - Calais Aid, Refugees, Europe & Sudan This group has been created to allow those who wish to support humanitarian aid to European refugees, initially in the Calais Refugee Camps but not excluding others in the wider European context.  
England Dorset Dorset West, Weymouth & Portland Solidarity With Refugees This is a group for people from West Dorset and Weymouth and Portland who want to take action to support refugees. 
England Dorset Portland, Weymouth & West Dorset This is a group for people from West Dorset and Weymouth and Portland who want to take action to support refugees. 
England Dorset Weymouth, Portland & West Dorset This is a group for people from West Dorset and Weymouth and Portland who want to take action to support refugees. 
England Dorset/Devon  Lyme Regis/Sidmouth/Ottery/Exeter - Calais Refugee Solidarity A group of local people in a East Devon have come together to help collect items and food for those in need in the refugee camp in Calais 
England East London Calais Crisis Crew East Londion and Wider  
England  East Midlands East Midlands Solidarity This is a group to organise and facilitate solidarity from the East Midlands to Calais refugees. 
England East Midlands Helpful Humans This group has been set up with the specific aim of providing aid to refugees 
England Essex Essex One Humanity We’re a small group of humanitarian workers based between London and Essex. With large networks in the music industry and independent non-profit organisations we will be using our connections to raise money for refugees. See us as a hub for contributions, donations and a throughway for you to help refugees arriving in Europe directly. 
England Essex Essex Side by Side : Humanitarian aid to refugees in Calais FB Group We are an Essex based group supporting refugees initially in Calais. Looking for volunteers! 
England Essex  Essex Side By Side refugees (Website) I am a mum-of-five from Thurrock, Essex. I work part time as a teacher and my husband Graham runs a London homeless charity. Calais is just over two hours away. If I were in the same situation that men, women and children are in there, I really hope that people wouldn't just pass by on the other side of the road. I am a mum of two boys living in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I run my own garden design business along with my husband Matt. I found Rachel's details online and we began working together, building a team of like-minded people determined to help. 
England Essex Southend: Calaid Collection A voluntary Southend Group collecting for: CalAid supports displaced people in Calais refugee camps. No human is illegal. 
England Gloucestershire Gloucester: Calais Refugee Food Aid "I am collecting food items for the refugees in crisis in Calais, I've researched what is most needed and will be making up small packages to be distributed by the volunteers on the ground. " 
England Gloucestershire Gloucestershire - Calais Refugee Solidarity We aim to campaign, fundraise and collect on behalf of the refugees in the camps in and around Calais 
England Gloucestershire Refugee Aid Stroud A Group created for the people of Stroud and surrounding Valleys to come together and make a differenc 
England Gt London Camden Refugee Aid We are a local grassroots group made up of volunteers in North London set up to respond to the humanitarian refugee crisis in Calais, Greece and Hungary - and more permanently, provide support for refugees settling in the UK. Our values are to be transparent, ethical, efficient and above all helpful and responsive to refugees in need.  
England Gt London CHISWICK: Calais and Beyond Collecting, donating and driving to Calais with warm clothes and shelter for those who need it.  
England Gt London Dulwich2Dunkirk Non-league football fans in solidarity with refugees 
England Gt London East London: Calais Crisis Crew  
England Gt London  Greenwich Refugee Aid Clothing Essentials: GRACE Based in Greenwich, South-East London: collecting, packing, distributing donations urgently needed in Greece and other locations hit by the refugee crisis. 
England Gt London  London 2 Calais We organise convoys of essential supplies from London to refugees in the camp in Calais. Like for updates and to find out how to get involved.  
England Gt London  London NW - Calais People to People Solidarity Sub-group of Calais - People to People Solidarity - Action from UK Facebook group for people based in NW London, co-ordinating practical solidarity and assistance for refugees and migrants in and around Calais. TAGS: 
England Gt London London - Refugee Support - Calais and Kobane In addition to providing support for the migrants in Calais we are extending our solidarity to refugees displaced in Syria. Syrians make up 32% of the migrants in Calais, 63% of migrants entering Europe and 4 million Syrian refugees have registered globally. Any donations collected beyond our initial goal will be sent to the Rebuild Kobane Campaign.  
England Gt London  London SE - People To People Solidarity This group was created for people living in SE London who wish to connect, organise and share ideas regarding collecting, donating and delivering aid to the refugee/migrant camp in Calais. 
England Gt London  London? Support For Refugees In Europe Ours is a small group of ordinary people who believe that when institutions fail to protect the very vulnerable, it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to uphold the ideal that all human beings are equal in dignity. 
England Gt London The Common Good Collective A collective that supports grassroots NGOs throughout the world. Fundraising, aid donations and volunteer work. 
England Gt Manchester  Levenshulme to Calais We are 3 friends who are asking for donations to allow us to take supplies to the people at 'The Jungle' refugee camp in Calais.  
England Gt Manchester Manchester: Light their Lives "Light Their Lives is a family project that we have set up to help people that are in unfortunate situations all around the world. The first project we are doing is called: - ***HELPING THE REFUGEES AT CALAIS*** " 
England Gt Manchester Manchester - Mancs for Mankind It is our duty to help others in need. We might not be able to help the refugees get to their destination, we can certainly improve their living conditions 
England Gt Manchester Manchester Refugee Crisis We're a young, passionate group of people connected by friendship and the refusal to ignore people in crisis, in particular Refugees.  
England Gt Manchester Manchester Refugee Crisis FB Page Our Team will be travelling from UK to Calais and will be collaborating with French volunteers on the ground to personally deliver aid and set up a mobile dental clinic.  
England Gt Manchester Manchester to Calais I want to collect clothes, blankets, tents, toiletries and all essentials for winter to take to Calais and hire a van to go down maybe at the beginning of October. Who wants to get involved? 
England Gt Manchester: Salford Salford to Calais  
England Hampshire Basingstoke Support For Refugees Please donate items to help refugees in Calais 'Jungle Camp' and other areas (Kos, Greece, Turkey) 
England Hampshire Fleet: Action For Calais A lot of people in Fleet have wanted to do something to help the refugees in Calais, but nothing has been happening. Now is your chance to give! The lovely people at the Methodist Church on Reading Road South have said we can use their hall to collect donations for the refugees in Calais. 
England Hampshire Portsmouth- Don't Hate:Donate After seeing the news regarding refugees today some friends have had enough of doing nothing and are taking matters into their own hands...with your help! 
England Hampshire Southampton Action: People To People Solidarity A group to coordinate support for the Calais camp from people within Southampton and surrounding area. 
England Hampshire Southampton Airport: Help Refugees In Calais Hello everyone, I decided to set up this page to help all the refugees out in Calais. It is so upsetting to see what has happened to them. 
England Herefordshire Ross For Refugees  
England Hereford/Worcestershire Hereford/Worcestershire Refugee Solidarity The aim of this group is to collect much needed items to distribute throughout Europe. We have recently sent aid to the camps in Northern France, and with other organisations going to Greece, Syria and other European countries where the conditions are so bad! 
England Hertfordshire Berkhamsted- Helping Refugees We have reached a point when we can't just sit and watch any more! This page is for people who are willing to help in any way they can. 
England Hertfordshire Hertford to Calais This group has been set up to help local people to connect with each other and organise support for the refugees in Calais 
England Hertfordshire Herts For Refugees Collecting donations to take on a convoy for the refugees in Calais. 
England Hertfordshire St Albans For Refugees St Albans for Refugees is a registered charity (1167679) and a not for profit company limited by guarantee (company no. 09899830). The Trustees are Liz Needham, Debbie Playford, Farhat Zia and Jacqui Freeman. Our charity objects, as laid out in our Memorandum and Articles, are: To collect and distribute emergency aid for refugees from war, oppression, natural disasters, climate change, and those being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, or membership of a particular social group or political opinion. 
England Kent Eastbourne Refugee Support Eastbourne refugee support and collection point in aid of those based in Calais, France and further afield. Please note this is not a group for political discussion, there are many other forums where that would be more appropriate should you wish to discuss the political aspect. 
England Kent East Kent to Calais This group is to organise fundraising, clothes donations and anything else that comes to mind 
England Kent  Folkestone United Folkestone United is a group of people who stand together against all forms of bigotry and intolerance. We are the many - they are the few. 
England Kent Kent Care 4 Humanity We are a group of ordinary people who wish to respond to extraordinarily desperate circumstances for those members of our global family in Calais and beyond. 
England Kent Kent For Calais This group exists to coordinate people's efforts in London and Kent to provide assistance to the refugees in the Jungle in Calais. Mainly we will be organising collections, fundraising and deliveries of supplies to the Jungle. 
England Kent  Maidenhead - Noah's Helpers  Residents of Maidenhead,UK found out there are people close who were struggling to feed themselves. We wanted to help and here is some of the story... 
England Kent Whitstable- Calais Solidarity group A humanitarian community initative supporting asylum seekers in Calais We are not a discussion group it is for organising aid to Calais 
England Lancashire Blackpool/Fylde/Preston Supporting Calais Refugees A group to discuss plans to collect items in Blackpool & the Fylde for the refugees in Calais. 
England Lancashire Blackpool Preston and Fylde -Calais Action  Raising aid for Calais 
England Lancashire Chorley: Solidarity With Refugees This is a group for those of us who want to do something positive about the refugee crisis.  
England  Lancashire CWU Humanitarian Aid   
England Lancashire  East Lancashire - Refugee Solidarity We need your help East Lancashire! You have no doubt seen the harrowing images of desperate families fleeing war, people clinging to makeshift rafts and children dying in the Mediterranean. Sometimes you have to say ‘enough’ and take action. 
England Lancashire Fleetwood Folk Support Syrian Refugees For people in Fleetwood & beyond who would like to make a difference in the lives of the dispersed Syrian people seeking safety in our communities. 
England Lancashire  Lancaster: Helping Hands For Calais Refugees If you live in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, or even further afield, and would like to help the refugees and displaced people in the camps at Calais we hope you will 'like' this page and support our fledgling group. 
England Lancashire Lancaster Supports Calais Refugees I will be going from Lancaster to Calais to deliver supplies to refugees and migrants in Calais on OCTOBER 6th, 2015. 
England Lancashire Pendle 2 Calais Based in Nelson, Lancashire we are collecting items needed for refugees in Calais, please feel free to help or make a small donation by contacting us. 
England Lancashire Preston in Support of Calais Refugees The Beautiful Planet cafe is a collection point for anyone who would like to make donations for the refugees in Calais. 
England Lancashire Preston Together An evening of live music, DJs and more raising money and awareness for those fleeing conflict and famine across our continent. 
England Lancashire Tarleton & Hesketh Bank Help For Refugees A group of locals who want to do something to help refugees. 
England Lancashire West Lancashire: Help For Refugees in Lesbos This is a local page for people in West Lancashire and the North West who want to help the refugees arriving in Lesvos, Greece 
England Leicestershire Hinckley and Area: Refugee Crisis Aid I've set up this group for the people of Hinckley and surrounding areas to get together to do what we can to help the refugees and migrants desperately trying to find safety in Europe. 
England Leicestershire LE Solidarity A group for all those collecting, distributing and fundraising for items for the Calais 'Jungle' camp to get together and co-ordinate their efforts. 
England Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Aid To Calais We are friends who have come together to provide some much needed aid to others 
England London Kings 2 Calais On 22nd January, students from King's College London, traveled to the Calais refugee camp in order to raise awareness about the suffering of refugees.  
England Merseyside Crosby CalAid "Refugee crisis. Waterloo & Crosby drop off point for CalAid & Syria Relief. Sleeptight Maternity & Wellness Centre," 
England Merseyside MerseyAid Refugee Support The NorthWests Collection of like minded people motivated to support and help those refugees in the jungles around the world, local homeless and food banks. 
England Merseyside Wirral Resources To Refugees We are a not for profit organisation assisting refugees fleeing to Europe 
England Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Collections For Refugees & Cal Aid We are a drop off point in Milton Keynes for Cal Aid and also for other refugee organisations who are providing help in Greece and across Europe; and in addition local people in need.  
England Norfolk Norfolk - Calais Refugee Solidarity The aim of this group is to co-ordinate the collection and distribution of donations for the people who are in the refugee camp in Calais.  
England Northamptonshire Northamptonshire: Care Without Borders We provide aid where aid is needed, why a man is in need is not our concern only that we can help. All men are our brothers and welcome at our table. We are based in Northamptonshire and do Monthly runs to Calais with food and clothing for the refugees stranded there. We also ship aid to Greece and Hungary weekly. 
England Northamptonshire Rushton Northants Jungle Care Independent group based in East Northamptonshire 
England North Devon  North Devon Sanctuary For Refugees This group has been set up to collate all the great fb groups and pages of people working in the area to support North Devon in becoming a 'Sanctuary' area for refugees 
England North East North East Solidarity With Calais Refugees This group has been set up to organise collection of items from the North East to be distributed in Calais. 
England Northumberland  Hexham -People to People Solidarity This is a local group for supporters of Calais People to People Solidarity – Action from UK who are living in and around Hexham, collecting practical donations of much-needed goods to go to Calais. 
England  North West North West Solidarity With Calais This group has been set up to organise the collection of items from the North West to distributed in Calais during the Winter months.  
England Nottinghamshire NG Solidarity This is a group to organise and facilitate solidarity from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to Calais migrants. 
England Nottinghamshire Nottingham: Calais Action  
England Oxfordshire Oxford: Calais Action We're collecting donations for Calais Action and we are planning to take supplies to refugees in Calais and Europe in October 
England SE Refugee Support Our aim is to offer support and assistance by collecting & delivering donations to the camp. 
England Shropshire Shrewsbury Donations to the Calais Refugees Shropshire group collecting specific aid donations (please see Facebook group for details) at various county-wide locations, including at Storage King, Shrewsbury, until 30th September, to be taken to the CalAid London drop-off on 4th October. 
England Shropshire Shropshire Refugee Crisis Solidarilty This group is to rally local Shropshire support for refugees. 
England Shropshire Telford: Pre-Loved Treasure Pre loved items that raise funds for communities. 
England Somerset Bath - Calaid This is a new community group to help refugees that are in the Calais area. 
England  Somerset Bruton, Frome & Glastonbury Aid To Calais A group to coordinate an aid effort from Bruton, Frome, Bath and Glastonbury to send a van full with emergency supplies in October. 
England Somerset Midsomer Norton: Calais Action This page has been set up for information on how to donate and send aid to the refugees in Calais and Eastern Europe. 
England Somerset  Somerset: Calais Volunteer Trip  I am going to Calais in a month/6 weeks to volunteer with a French relief organisation for a couple of days. I will be taking a small vehicle and asking for some specific, essential items to be donated so I can take it with me 
England Somerset Taunton Deane -People to People Solidarity  Set up on 31 August 2015 in response to the growing refugee crisis throughout Europe and the middle east, looking to send aid to those who need it from Calais through to Syria. We have linked up with local charities and organisations so that no donation goes to waste. 
England South East  Love Bridge Based in South East England. We aim to improve the lives of those fleeing war, cruelty, hunger and much more. This collective arisen from the drive of individuals to be solitary, in response to the asylum seeking crisis in Europe. We provide non medical (emotional/ social) support well being and health in humanitarian crisis to anyone in need, as well as supporting and assisting volunteers both on location and in debriefing and decompressing on re entering the UK. Our main contribution is in the donation of ourselves. Please join us in caring, or donate so we can care! 
England Staffordshire Cannock: These Hands Are Better Than None We are collecting in COVENTRY, WALSALL & CANNOCK and have a Just Giving page if you would like to donate cash 
England Suffolk Bury St Edmunds to Calais This group has been created for the purposes of organising a drop off point in Bury. St. Edmunds for supplies to go to refugees at Calais. 
England Suffolk  Ipswich: Calais Refugee Solidarity  "The aim of this group is to coordinate the collection and distribution of donations for the people in the refugee camp in Calais. This page is intended to provide a means for people to network, donate and volunteer" 
England Suffolk Refugee Support in Lowestoft and Surrounding Area This group has been set up to help coordinate donations/ local drop offs / storage and any other help that is needed and also to bring like minded people together 
England Suffolk/Norfolk Suffolk Norfolk Drop Off A small tribe of hunters and gatherers who hope to ease the suffering of many fellow humans in The Jungle in Calais and other smaller camps in need  
England Surrey CalAid Surrey The refugees in Calais are in desperate need for building materials, insulation, carpets, tents , blankets and sleeping bags. Please donate thanks 
England Surrey Dorking: People to People Solidarity People to People Solidarity a movement of like minded people who are actively helping, supporting and providing humanitarian aid to the refugees and displaced persons across Europe and Syria. 
England Surrey Dorking Welcomes Refugees This group was created by local students and parents to coordinate the response and offers for help the refugees (in Calais and beyond) from the residents in our town, Dorking, Surrey, and relay information about the present crisis. 
England Surrey Guildford: People to People This group will coordinate the response from Guildford and the surrounding area and make sure that donations and funds raised are sent directly to the people working on the ground to make the Calais 'jungle' and other camps across Europe a safer and more humane place to live. 
England Surrey Haselmere Hand In Hand Haslemere Community working together ,One little thing at a time helping refugees in Calais and hopefully beyond 
England Surrey Surbiton: Burbs to Calais We are a Surbiton group working together to provide care /hygiene packages to the thousands of people that are in dire need of support at the moment throughout Europe, literally on our doorstep. 
England Sussex Arundel Drop od and Collection Point for Supplies To Help Refugee Crisis To help gather supplies currently needed for the upcoming winter months for refugees. Currently holding open evenings in Arundel, see page info. 
England Sussex Brighton 2 Calais We organise convoys of essential supplies from Brighton to refugees in the camp in Calais. Like for updates and to find out how to get involved. 
England Sussex Brighton and Hove Calais Crisis Crew We are a group of Brighton and Hove based women collecting and distributing aid to the refugees of the Jungle refugee camp in Calais.  
England Sussex Brighton Drop Off Donations Myself, Zac, Bradley and a few others are off to Calais in a few weeks(around the beginning of October) to distribute much needed goods to the migrants and refugees of Europe, Middle east and Africa in Calais. 
England Sussex Brighton: Hummingbird Project  We will be driving regularly to Calais with an inspiring team of mix skilled volunteers, some nurses, support workers, human rights activists but generally with everyday folk who really care, to set up a food kitchen, offering first aid and fire safety as well as providing donations. 
England Sussex Calais and Beyond Crisis Crew: Brighton and Hove A lot has changed since i started this group, the situation in France, Greece and across Europe has become dire. I am continuing to volunteer in Greece and Calais when possible. Please use this page to share local information, fundraising, lift shares etc 
England Sussex Forest Row To the Jungle Keeping you updated with the donations from the Forest Row community for the Jungle in Calais 
England Sussex Hastings Supports Refugees People from Hastings and around the South East of UK who want to help Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants survive in these awful slum-like camps in modern Europe!Sussex 
England Sussex Hummingbird Project Brighton: Donations The place to share information and support The Hummingbird Project donations team. Uniting volunteers in Brighton - warehouse sorting, drop off donations, campaigning, fundraising. Post your offers of donations and one of our volunteers will get in touch. 
England Sussex Worthing Refugee Aid A group to discuss plans to collect items in Worthing for the refugees in Calais, working alongside the Hummingbird Project 
England Sussex/Bristol Calais Refugee Camp Donors Group: Brighton and Bristol This group is to bring people together from the Bristol and Brighton area who would like to help with donations to the refugee camp called 'The Jungle' and to keep all donors up to date with how their donations are being distributed and what supplies are currently need. 
England Sussex East Lewes Actions For Refugees Lewes Actions for Refugees connects people, projects and volunteers in our community working with refugees in Calais and Europe. 
England Warwickshire Leamington Spa - Aid to Calais This group has been setup to organise the collection of desperately needed equipment for refugees and migrants currently suffering in Calais. 
England Warwickshire Warwickshire and Coventry- Help For Refugees A page to inform and network with people in Coventry and Warwickshire who want to do something practical to help refugees crossing into Europe 
England Warwickshire Warwick to Calais Refugee Trip We're volunteers from Leamington Spa and Swindon, in association with Kitchen in Calais, inspired by the UK civilians' response to the refugee crisis, which has been so positive with grassroots efforts to provide relief being put into action all over the country.  
England West Mdlands  West Midlands Solidarity With Calais This group is intended to raise awareness of the individuals behind the headlines, to dispel bigoted misreporting and for people to get together to organise taking supplies and support to the migrants themselves.  
England West Midlands Birmingham/Cannock The Red Bag Co - Action for Calais "Action for Calais by The Red Bag Co. West Midlands. Cannock | Birmingham" 
England West Midlands Coventry and Warwickshire - Help For Refugees A page to inform and network with people in Coventry and Warwickshire who want to do something practical to help refugees crossing into Europe 
England West Midlands Coventry: These Hands Are Better Than None "These Hands Are Better Than None was formed by 4 Mum's - Laura, Heidi, Kirstie and Kirstie who are based in Cannock, Walsall and Coventry. We are collecting in COVENTRY, WALSALL & CANNOCK and have a Just Giving page if you would like to donate cash" 
England West Midlands South Birmingham Aid For Refugees  
England West Midlands Sutton Coldfield: Project Heartcry This is a project set up to distribute aid to people in need. The project has been set up by Jules and Tom Ashley-Higgins and Zoe and Andy Clark-Coates. 
England West Midlands Walsall: These Hands Are Better Than None "These Hands Are Better Than None was formed by 4 Mum's - Laura, Heidi, Kirstie and Kirstie who are based in Cannock, Walsall and Coventry. We cannot imagine how people make the heartbreaking choice between staying at home and living each day in total fear or gathering together the family and walking for hundreds of miles, living under scrappy pieces of tarpaulin with minimum food and water and maybe embarking on dangerous journeys across choppy seas - all in the hope of a better future. We hope that we will never have to make that choice. We do want to try our hardest to help the people that have had to make that choice and those that will in the future. We are collecting in COVENTRY, WALSALL & CANNOCK and have a Just Giving page if you would like to donate cash" 
England West Midlands West Midlands collections for refugee crisis Set up in the West Midlands to establish drop off points for donations needed by refugees in need in Dunkirk camp. 
England West Midlands -Birmingham Kings Heath collects for refugee crisis A group of volunteers in Kings Heath, Birmingham responding to the refugee crisis in Europe.  
England Wiltshire Calaid Malmesbury 
England Wiltshire Swindon - Calais Solidarity In conjunction with 'Calais - people to people solidarity - action from UK' This page aims to collate essential items for refugees in Calais. 
England Wiltshire Wooton Bassett Refugee Action We are a local group of mothers who have been moved by the refugee crisis, and are coming together to direct help to those who need it most in the world. 
England Yorkshire Aire Valley Refugee Support Community "This group is a community whose aim is to raise awareness of issues that refugees face, and facilitate projects to support refugees both internationally and in the UK. We are currently working to collect items to help refugees in and around Calais, which will be distributed via CalAid in London. " 
England Yorkshire Doncaster Solidarity with Calais Refugees Getting aid from Doncaster to the refugees in Calais. 
England Yorkshire Halifax to Calais We're organising a trip to Calais with supplies for the refugees in crisis there at the moment. Any provisions you can donate would be greatly received. 
England Yorkshire  Harrogate to Calais Jungle Sheryl and Louise have decided to do a trip rather than donating money. Making sure items needed made it to the people in need. 
England Yorkshire holmfirth welcomes refugees HWR was set up to provide a local focus for people sympathetic to the plight of refugees with news and updates about donations and fundraising 
England Yorkshire Huddersfield- Calais Refugee Aid This page has been made to generate as much support from my friends and family to help me support the Syria Refugee Crisis in Calais 
England Yorkshire Sheffield: Calais People To People Solidarity This is a group to organise and facilitate solidarity from Sheffield to Calais. 
England Yorkshire Skipton Refugee Support Group The group has been formed to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Also there is the likelihood that some Syrian refugees may be settled in the Craven and North Yorkshire Area. Craven District Council is responding positively to this and is in talks with central government and other local authorities. 
England Yorkshire South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) We campaign for action by Government and others to improve the position of asylum seekers (particularly those who have been refused) and exploited migrant workers (including the victims of trafficking).’ 
England Yorkshire  York to Calais A grassroots movement of solidarity with refugees. Based out of York, started by University of York students. 
England Yorkshire - Huddersfield Calais Refugee Aid We are dedicated to arranging aid for refugees in Europe. 
England Yorkshire-Leeds Yorkshire Aid Yorkshire Aid has been designed to help the people of Yorkshire coordinate their kindness and efficiently to bring relief and dignity to people in need. We are based in Leeds and assist needs in Calais, Dunkirk, Greece and locally. Our warehouse address is: Richmond Hill Leisure Centre, Cross Arsgarth Mt, Leeds, LS9 9AH. 
France  Action Froid Calais À travers l’antenne d’ActionFroid Paris-Calais, nous nous mobilisons pour venir en aide aux réfugiés sans-abris du Nord Pas-de-Calais en apportant notre soutien aux bénévoles locaux. 
France  Action Humaine Pour la "Jungle" Initiative de deux individus qui se sentent concernés par la détresse des milliers de "migrants" réfugiés dans la "Jungle" de Calais. 
France  Aide et Entraide aux Migrants de Calais Notre but est de venir en aide aux migrants installés dans les camps de fortunes à Calais par des dons alimentaires, hygiéniques ou même vestimentaires... 
France  APPEL AUX DONS pour les migrants à Calais Retrouvez ici toutes les informations nécessaires pour cet appel à la solidarité. 
France  Appel De Calais  L'Appel de Calais demande solennellement au gouvernement un plan d’urgence pour sortir la jungle de Calais de l’indignité dans laquelle elle se trouve. 
France  Calais and Beyond "This group has been started to co-ordinate help for refugees fleeing war and terror. Initially focussing on the camps in northern France, it is anticipated that help will move to other areas when possible. This is not a political group - it is here to respond to the unfolding humanitarian crisis by co-ordinating the efforts of individuals. Un groupe Facebook a été créé le 2 Septembre 2015 pour ceux qui vivent dans le sud ouest de la France à proposer une aide pratique à la crise des réfugiés en Europe. Nous avons mis en place un réseau de bénévoles qui rassemblera et triera les dons, puis prendre des dispositions pour les livraisons en vrac vers les camps CALAIS & BEYOND (travailler avec Calaid, Auberge des migrants, le Secours Catholique, etc)" 
France  Calais Libre Page PRO-MIGRANTS destinée notamment à contrer la "fachobooksphère" calaisienne 
France   Calais People To People Map Storage, collection and transport links across France 
France  Faites de La Fraternite Because we know that many Calais residents are concerned about the plight of migrants stranded in the town, we invite you to show friendship and support through various festivities and activities: films, concerts , theatrical plays, and football tournaments . Come and show your fraternity, your tolerance , your solidarity , because together we can fight prejudice and show our support for the many men and women here who need us! 
France  Jungle Life Calais and Grande Synthe estimonies of the life of refugees in Calais ,France 
France  Les calaisiens en colère Nous sommes des Calaisiens en Colère de constater la haine raciale envers des personnes qui ont tout perdu .Redonnons tout son sens au mot ' humanité " !! 
France  Les calaisiens pas en colère juste une page pour pouvoir connaitre le faux du vrai une page pour débattre 
France  Pour aider les réfugiés de Calais Nous ouvrons cette page pour y diffuser les messages concernant les besoins matériels pour les personnes migrantes de Calais. 
France  Reprenons Calais une terre d'accueil, le Nord-Pas De Calais une terre de solidarité. Soyons unis, la haine n'a pas sa place ici. 
France  Urgence pour les migrants de Calais Collectif du Valenciennois Venir en aide aux migrants de Calais ; je collecte: Tentes, bâches, couvertures, sacs de couchages, vêtements pour hommes pratiques contre le froids... 
France  Urgence Réfugiés Calais, Lille et environs Nous collectons des dons, essentiellement des dons matériels (nourriture, vêtements, matériaux de construction, extincteurs, tapis...). Nous nous déplaçons sur place pour distribuer selon les besoins des campements. Nous apportons une attention toute particulière au respect et à la dignité des personnes (sur)vivant dans la « jungle » de Calais. Nous veillons à effectuer une distribution la plus humaine et respectueuse possible. 
France  Utopistes, Anarchistes, Révoltés, Citoyens du monde : Bienvenue ! Groupe de réflexions afin d'élever les consciences et les débats. Se poser des questions, c'est déjà agir ! 
France  Vu De Calais Vu Du Camp Cette page propose aux autres médias et au grand public des informations et des points de vue, provenant des associations d'aide aux migrants de Calais. 
France Dunkirk Dunkirk Migrant Solidrity Hello / Salam everyone there are 2 camps in the area of Dunkirk with many families and kids. If you want to show your support , and get advice please join this group. Thanks a lot. 
France Lille Urgence Réfugiés Calais, Lille et environs Nous sommes une poignée d'individus voulant juste échanger un peu d'humanité avec des hommes, femmes, et enfants fuyant la guerre, la dictature, la misère. Long Description 
France Marseilles De Marseille a Calais  
France Morlaix On est du pays de Morlaix, et on agit Le but du groupe « Tu es de la région de Morlaix et tu agis... » est de coordonner toutes les bonnes volontés autour d'une action simple à mettre en œuvre : la collecte de vêtements chauds, de bottes... le plus rapidement possible.  
Germany Berlin Berlin Refugee Help Berlin Refugee Help is a group of volunteers in Berlin and beyond that coordinate several projects to help welcome and support refugees and their helpers. One of its projects, The Refugee Phrasebook, is an open collaborative project to provide important vocabulary to refugees. 
Guernsey  Bridge2 Calais Bridge2 is the main umbrella representing all 3 of Bridge2 Charities founded by Sarah Griffith MBE - Bridge2SriLanka, Bridge2Haiti and Bridge2Philippine 
Ireland Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity Central page for relief efforts going to refugees in Calais from Cork. If you have questions we can answer them here 
Ireland Cork Clonakilty Refugee Solidarity This page is to help people in the Clonakilty area support Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity 
Ireland Dublin  Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity A group set up, in coordination with other groups around Ireland, to collect supplies and donations for the refugees in Calais. 
Ireland Dublin Dublin South & Wicklow: Calais Refugee Solidarity We are taking a convoy of aid to Calais on September 30th. We will deliver warm clothes, blankets and sanitary items. We are also taking materials and volunteers to build warmer and safer shelters for those living on the camp. Currently the majority are living in tents or sleeping rough. And we are planning to increase the capacity of the camp kitchen by bringing catering equipment. At the moment the camp kitchen provides one basic meal a day for 2,000 people but there are 4,000 on the camp. We also want to double the impact of our journey by raising enough money to refill the vans in Calais with food supplies for the camp. Any extra money we raise will be donated to Doctors of the World who are working on the ground in Calais 
Ireland Galway Ballinasloe Refugee Solidarity Ballinasloe Calais Refugee Solidarity Group has been set up to coordinate a response to the refugee crisis in Europe  
Ireland Limerick Limerick To Calais Limerick to Calais has been set up to gather much needed supplies for the refugees in Calais. 
Ireland Tipperary Clonmel Calais Refugee Solidarity  
Ireland Wicklow Arklow: Calais Refugee Solidarity Movement A central page for updating Arklow people of the efforts to send aid to Calais 
Jersey  Calais Refuge Aid Jersey An appeal to local Jersey residents to help provide much needed humanitarian aid and support to the refugees in Calais. 
Nederlands  Bredene met een hart voor vluchtelingen  
Nederlands  Vrijwilligers in Duinkerke  
Nederlands  Vrouwen in actie voor vluchtelingen Een groep vrouwen in de samenleving met een en hetzelfde doel; Het helpen van vluchtelingen in nood. 
Northern Ireland  NI Calais Refugee Solidarity We have created this group to assist the collection of supplies to help refugees in Calais, we are supporting our fellow beings in Cork in their convoy to bring help to those in Calais. 
Northern Ireland  North West Linking Hands North West Linking Hands and helping those affected by civil war 
Northern Ireland Antrim Belfast Refugee Solidarity  Belfast Refugee Solidarity is a community group formed to organise and deliver aid and donations to vulnerable refugees. 
Scotland   Re-Act - Refugee Action  Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland, is a volunteer run Not-For-Profit Humanitarian Aid Co-operative launched in response to the worldwide refugee crisis. We are part of a growing organisation throughout the UK, working to fundraise and collect vital donations to transport to the refugee camps in Calais and throughout other crisis areas of Europe. 
Scotland  SAFR: Scottish Action For Refugees This group is dedicated to providing ongoing, practical assistance to the people living in the camp known as The Jungle in Calais. GROUP TYPE 
Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen Aid Refugees This page was created with the aim of helping and giving aid to refugees in Calais. 
Scotland Aberdeenshire Aberdeen Solidarity With Refugees We aim to provide a coordinated platform for those of us in Aberdeen and North-East Scotland who wish to support refugees, with an immediate focus on the Calais refugee crisis. 
Scotland Angus Monifieth to Calais - Refugee Aid We are travelling to The Jungle in Calais for a week in October.  
Scotland Argyleshire Helensburgh, Dumbarton & Lomond: Syrian Refugee HelpRefugee We have set this page up to help the poor refugees at their time of need and sheer desperation.  
Scotland Ayrshire Ayrshire Support For Refugees We have teamed up with Calais Solidarity Mission: Glasgow - Edinburgh who have several volunteers driving to Calais with supplies. We are also organising our own convoys  
Scotland Ayrshire  Dundonald: Scottish Action For Refugees This group is dedicated to providing ongoing, practical assistance to the people living in the camp known as The Jungle in Calais. 
Scotland Caithness Caithness to Calais  After seeing the upsetting images regarding the refugee crisis in Europe I feel the need to take action and do something. People of Caithness let's help! 
Scotland Dumfriesshire Dumfries: Massive Outpouring of Love We are organising the collection and deliver of supplies and human kindness to those in need at Calais. This group is to work out how best to do that. 
Scotland Dumfriesshire Ecclefechan Extending a hand to our friends on the ground in France, and working hard all around the UK - this group aims to organise donation collections and drop off points in Dumfries and Galloway for the refugees in Calais.  
Scotland East Lothian East Lothian Aid For Refugees ELAR is a Community Interest Company, a form of limited company, registered with Companies House. We are a not for profit organisation – all profits are ploughed back into our activities. We have a committee of six local people who are all volunteering their time and skill to get the company up and running. We have had a magnificent response so far from East Lothian residents and local shops who have agreed to be local drop off points for donated goods and we hope to soon have more. 
Scotland Fife Burntisland We are linking with other groups in Fife and Edinburgh to get more priority items to Calais. 
Scotland Hebrides Hebrides For Humanity A group of volunteers collecting donations for the displaced people of war-torn countries such as Syria 
Scotland Lanarkshire Wishaw to Calais Raising donations for the desperate refugees struggling to make Europe their home. 
Scotland Outer Hebrides Stornaway: Hebrides For Humanity A group of volunteers collecting donations for the displaced people of war-torn countries such as Syria 
Scotland Perth and Kinross Kinross: Webster Giving  
Scotland Perthshire Perth and Coupar Angus Solidarity Collection of items from the Perth / Forfar / Coupar Angus area to be taken to the Calais refugees.  
Scotland Perthshire Perth (Coats For Calais) Coats for Calais has been set up in response to the huge humanitarian crisis of refugees fleeing war torn countries, many of whom are children. 
Scotland Shetland Scotland: Shetland Supports Refugees To help bring together like minded groups and individuals to facilitate Shetland’s long term provision of support to the refugee crisis and potential resettlement and integration of refugees into the islands. 
Scotland Shetland Shetland Solidarity with Refugees To provide a coordinated platform for folk in Shetland who wish to support refugees, with an immediate focus on the Calais refugee crisis. 
Scotland Stirlingshire Boness Collection for Calaid Independent group in Bo'ness to coordinate the drop off and collection of donations for CalAid. 
Scotland Strathclyde  Glasgow: Calais Solidarity Mission A few of us are driving a van of supplies from Scotland to Calais. This is a place to co-ordinate donations. 
Scotland Strathclyde Glasgow- Faith In Humanity Our Mission Provide vital aid supplies across Europe, the Middle East and beyond. Co-ordinate UK aid going overseas to stop items not needed taking up vital time, space and energy. 
Scotland Strathclyde Glasgow Southside: Faith In Humanity FB This page is to show you my fundraising & aid giving journey...I will raise money for Yorkhill Children's Charity & take aid to child refugees in Calais! 
Scotland Tayside Tayside Action For Refugees Sending volunteers to crisis areas to assist refugees displaced by war as well as supporting integration of refugees in Tayside. 
Spain  Solidarity With Calais Refugees Spain Solidarity with Calais Refugees, for the English Speaking Community.  
USA North America North America: People to People Solidarity - Refuge Now. Refuge Now N.A. aims to spread awareness of the refugee crisis in the EU & Middle East. Inspired by: Calais-People to People Solidarity-Action from the UK + international grassroots aid efforts. . 
USA USA Refuge Now North America: People To People Thank you for joining Refuge Now N.A. in spreading awareness of the refugee crisis in the EU & Middle East. Inspired by: Calais-People to People Solidarity-Action from the UK + international grassroots aid efforts.  
Wales  Refugee Relief Ynys Mon/Aid For Calais The purpose of this page is to collect donations for those stranded in appalling conditions in "The Jungle" in Calais, also those in the surrounding areas. 
Wales Anglesey Anglesey: Calais People to People Solidarity Our purpose is to collect donations for those stranded in appalling conditions in "The Jungle" in Calais. 
Wales Cardiff Cardiff and Vale Sanctuary Support Cardiff and Vale Sanctuary Seeker Support is a forum for people from the area to share ideas, experiences and information about getting humanitarian aid to sanctuary seekers in Calais, Greece and further afield. 
Wales Ceredigion Aberystwyth: Aberaid An Aberystwyth based group to raise awareness of the ever growing refugee crisis in Kos and Calais, and to organise collection of donations and funds 
Wales Flintshire  Flintshire Supporting Refugees We are a local group wanting to help and show our support to Refugees currently fleeing across the Mediterranean and Europe, as well as those stuck in Calais. We feel that this is a humanitarian crisis, the first the EU has faced at home in a while, and that our government as well as the EU's stance and action is inefficient and completely immoral.  
Wales Gwynedd Bangor Calais People Solidarity Spurred to action by the desperate situations of people in Calais, members of this group seek to offer practical solidarity to those seeking a safe sanctuary, whether they are in Calais, Dunkerque, Dover, Greece, our own locality, or anywhere else that seems appropriate.  
Wales Gwynedd Meirionnydd/Dwyfor - Refugee Solidarity - Cefnogi Ffoaduraid Information about where to donate, how to get involved with helping and linking with others to do the same. 
Wales Monmouthshire Chepstow: Help Calais  Help Calais Chepstow is a group of locally-based volunteers set up to collect donated goods for refugees arriving at camps in Calais with few or no belongings. We aim to provide warm clothing, food and shelter to enable refugees to live in humane conditions. 
Wales Newport  Newport & Gwent: Solidarity With Refugees This is a forum for people in Newport and the surrounding areas to coordinate efforts to assist refugees, at Calais and elsewhere in Europe, and in our own community. 
Wales Newport Newport To Calais - Aid Collective A place for us to discuss and coordinate getting what we can over to Calais 
Wales North wales North Wales Refugee Support (NoWaRS) "North Wales' regional page for supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Calais and beyond, throughout Europe. Page for helping, coordinating help and sharing practical information." 
Wales North Wales North Wales Refugee Support (NoWaRS) "North Wales' regional page for supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Calais and beyond, throughout Europe. Page for helping, coordinating help and sharing practical information.  
Wales South West Wales SW: Calais Support South West Wales Calais Support Group is a forum for people from the area to share ideas, experiences and information about getting humanitarian aid to sanctuary seekers. 
Wales Swansea Swansea Bay: Solidarity with Calais A group to share relevant information on how we can help with the refugee crisis in Europe and particularly in Calais and at home. 
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