As problems were identified, individuals and groups tasked themselves to address them - harnessing the power of Facebook.
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Group About Us
Group About Us
Action Froid - Calais ActionFroid est une association à but non lucratif régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901. L'association a été créée pour aider les sans domicile fixe lors des grandes vagues de froid. Elle a vu le jour le 02 février 2012 à l'initiative de Laurent Eyzat. 
A Home For Winter A Home for Winter is a collective of UK based Volunteers building shelters for vulnerable people in Calais. 
Anonyme à Calais CAMP GRANDE SYNTHE : No Nations. No Border. No religion. No war. One love. One spirit. One heart. 
Appel aux Dons pour les migrants à Calais Retrouvez ici toutes les informations nécessaires pour cet appel à la solidarité. La situation empire chaque jour. La collecte reprendra dès septembre 
Appel De Calais L'Appel de Calais demande solennellement au gouvernement un plan d’urgence pour sortir la jungle de Calais de l’indignité dans laquelle elle se trouve. 
Artists helping refugees Artists donating a piece of their work for a charity auction to raise money for the Syrian refugee crisis. The auction will end at an event on Sat 3rd October in New Mills. 
Artists in Action Using our enormous lists of contacts from various artistic backgrounds we have so far managed to motivate people across France, Italy and Spain as well as other European countries to help the plight of the refugees and migrants arriving to squalid and inhumane conditions around Calais as well as in the south of Italy and Greece.. 
Ashram Kitchen My plan is to help set up this first kitchen and for it to be there, everyday for whoever needs it. Not just to share food but to come together and give support to each other and hopefully it will be the first of many to follow. 
Bag A Brush We pack basic hygiene bags for men, women and children plus specific ones for mothers and babies and are planning on shipping some to Kos and taking some to Calais ourselves.  
Baloos Youth Centre Baloo's is a youth centre and project supporting 12 - 18 year old boys living in The Jungle refugee camp, Calais. 
Befriending UK Arrivals This page is intended to be a page where people who would like to genuinely befriend a person who has recently arrived in the UK and wishes to claim asylum can find those in need. It can also be used to support befrienders 
#Be In Their Shoes Be In Their Shoes is a storytelling campaign about life in the Calais refugee camp and surrounding areas, told through the shoes of volunteers and refugees.  
Building in the Calais Jungle To promote building shelters in Calais jungle, to replace the tents 
Calais And Beyond: Action From France This is a non-political, humanitarian network. It was created in response to the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis affecting the Middle East and Europe. It aims to help individuals co-ordinate their efforts so that, collectively, we can make a difference. 
Calais and Beyond: Action From France (FB) This group has been started to co-ordinate help for refugees fleeing war and terror. Initially focussing on the camps in northern France, it is anticipated that help will move to other areas when possible. 
Calais and Dunkirk Twitter Group Plain and simple, we'll be using this as a place to list the latest campaigning Tweets that we all need to be tweeting, including hashtags and lists of people to tweet them at. Chatter and memes and everything unrelated will be deleted, as the last thing any of us needs is another group to stay up to date with! 
Calais Bicycle Aid Access to a working bicycle has a big impact on day to day life for refugees in Calais. Visiting the distribution centre or the government office to check on an asylum application is at least a 5 mile round trip, which on foot can easily take 2 hours 
Calais Calling This is a public group for people who'd either like to get involved with helping out the stranded refugees in Calais by donating aid or organising benefits or just like to be kept in the loop. 
Calais Hunger Strike This page has been created to give updated information on the 12 men (this number is sure to rise) who are currently on hunger strike in the Jungle in Calais, France. They have sewn their mouths closed in protest and have one simple request, that the destruction of the camp stops, pending the outcome of the appeals against the demolition order. We will endeavour to give you regular updates of the current situation, what the men's condition is and about whether or not their demands are being met 
Calais Jungle Waste Management A group to help the camp sort out its waste problem. 
Calais Migrant Solidarity: No Borders "Calais Migrant Solidarity is a group of No Borders activists who act and speak out in solidarity with the migrants of Calais Since 2009 CMS has been working in Calais to document, communicate and resist police violence. We also offer legal support and provide welfare information. We act in solidarity with all those trapped by the border. " 
Calais, Ouverture et Humanité "Founded on November 5, 2013 Nous sommes des citoyens calaisiens qui avons à cœur de venir en aide à ceux qui sont dans la détresse, quelles que soient leurs origines. We are citizens of Calais moved by compassion to help those in distress, irrespective of their origins." 
Calais Refugee Camp Makers Rapid Response Group A working group for the rapid development and deployment of low cost appropriate solutions to problems faced by people staying in the Calais Jungle and other refugee camps in Europe and the world. 
Calais Refugee Crisis A group of Legal Aid Lawyers will be heading out to the Calais camp to offer refugees free legal advice and hand out essentials in November 2015. 
Calais Resilience Collective The Calais Resilience Collective is a team of experienced systemic narrative therapists and clinical psychologists who are developing approaches to enhance resilience and coping strategies to support refugees, staff and volunteers in the Calais Camp.  
Calais Sessions An eclectic group of musicians from London in search of musical talent in 'the jungle' to play, rehearse, perform and record tracks with. All in 48 hours. 
Calais Solidarity - People to People - Interpreters  
Calais Volunteers Forget the bad news, this is about the good news stories from Calais. The spirit of the human race as people come together to help those in crisis. 
Calais Women & Children's Service Volunteer Coordination The Women & Children's support centre offers well-needed resources and essential aid for the most vulnerable in The Jungle, Calais. Working in partnership with many other organisations: including Save the Children, Medicine Sans Frontiers, Medicine du Monde, Salaam and Auberge des Migrants - the centre is a hub of information; offers referral to other services including women-only medical and therapeutic support; has a weekly aid/essential supplies distribution; provides children's play activities; supports unaccompanied minors; offers english lessons and activities such as weekly 'pamper-sessions' for women. The activities schedule has been created from dialogue and consultation with the Women & Children. 
Caravans For Calais Donated caravans sent over to use for Dr's, hospitals, first aid, vulnerable people expanding to flood free, winterproof accommodation with built in facilities.  
Caravans For Calais: Success Stories We have been collecting caravans for Calais. You can view the progress of each caravan / trailer tent here. 
Children Of Calais: School Bus "I am a teacher from Brighton UK. Please help me to turn this bus (and others) into mobile schools. One bus can provide education to 800+ people at a time. Education in emergency situations is vital. It provides hope for the future & changes lives." 
Christians For Calais We are bringing together all Christians who want to help Calais AND the other northern France refugee camps. This group is open to all who are interested though, including those of other faiths and none. 
Cleaning Clothes in Calais Clothes, sleeping bags and blankets left should be washed, recycled and redistributed Is it possible to provide a service that washes and returns clothes to people? Washing some items in a bucket is a quick fix for most people, but the main problem has been drying in the cold and wet weather - can we help with this? 
Cooking and Heating: Action From The UK This sub-group exists to work out the best strategies to solve the difficulties of cooking and heating *in the actual conditions of the camp* and to organise the provision of materials and demonstrations of building more effective and efficient cooking and heating solutions.  
Crew For Calais  Crew for Calais is what happens when professionals from the theatre and creative industries come together to help refugees. 
Crew for Calais AHFW trip buddies his group is a place where Crew for Calais volunteers can connect with other Crew for Calais volunteers and independantly arrange trips out to the A Home For Winter warehouse in Calais. 
Dare To Care We provide aid where aid is needed, why a man is in need is not our concern only that we can help. All men are our brothers and welcome at our table. We are based in Northamptonshire . We ship aid to Greece and Hungary weekly. 
Dental Support Team For Refugees  
Ecole Laique de Chemin Des Dunes This group gives the planning for french lessons in the layman school of Chemin des Dunes and allows permanent communication between students and teachers. 
Faites de la Fraternité Calais Envisager la migration autrement, à travers l'art, les cultures et l'histoire. Forger la fraternité, lutter contre le fascisme. 
Festival Salvage For Refugees this group is to share suggestions, ideas and plans for salvaging equipment left after festivals so that it can be donated for refugees. TAGS 
Firefighters Aid For Children A Charity set up by firefighters who wanted go the extra mile and help Children and their families through the difficult periods in their lives. 
First Aid At Night In Calais Since a couple of month I am working as a volunteer in the refugeecamp in Calais. I provide medical care during the night times 
Flat Pack Disaster Shack We are building low-cost, easy-assemble emergency shelters for refugees in the Calais jungle. Many are facing increasingly bad weather in tents on wet ground, and our solution lifts them from the ground and gives a waterproof space.  
Flat Pack Shelters UK Flat pack shelters to send to Calais , these will have floors and insulation , much better than plastic dome tents for the winter months  
Food For Thought Chefs in Britain have united under the banner Food for Thought to provide meals for refugees at the informal Calais camp named “the Jungle.”  
Good Chance Calais Good Chance is a theatre in the refugee camp in Calais. We work together in solidarity to make our voices heard. 
Green Light Medical Van Greenlight is a unique initiative that has come out of Hillsong Church London, it offers basic medical care and advice to London's homeless community Email 
Help 4 Refugee Children a small grass roots political and humanitarian organisation created after several visits to the Calais Refugee Camp to deliver humanitarian aid and large scale food distributions for refugees in the camp. 
Humanising Refuge We are a team hoping to deliver practical and creative initiatives in collaboration, support and solidarity of those living in Refugee camps in Calais 
Humanising Refuge We are a team hoping to deliver practical and creative initiatives in collaboration, support and solidarity of those living in Refugee camps in Calais 
Hummingbird Project Builders The Hummingbird Project Builders Group for Calais and Dunkirk. 
In camp emotional support/self care therapists/ facilitators group A group to help coordinate and link people. 
Interpreters: Calais Solidarity - People To People A group for people with language skills who could help translate and/or interpret if needed to help with providing solidarity action to the refugees in Calais. 
Jersey Builders for Refugees Jersey Builders for Refugees is a non political group of local professionals working to provide shelter for the people living in The Jungle 
Jungle Books, Calais In "The Jungle" refugee camp, Calais, France, Jungle Books is a library and school for people to read, learn and enjoy as a safe space. 
Jungle Canopy Improving living conditions for Refugee Families. Jungle Canopy is a UK operation delivering donated caravans and supporting the building of shelters etc. 
Jungle eye Jungleye creates a visual transitive memory of migrants through Calais, last jump to catch the dream. ©Jungleye. All right reserved. 
Kitchen In Calais As someone who love cooking, my first and foremost aim is food. Access to food is very important as the saying, "the hungry man is the angry man". Which is why I choose and aim on whatever we raise will have to go for people to be able to access for hot meal. 
La Grande Parade Métèque Valoriser, transmettre et partager auprès des publics les plus larges possible les bienfaits de l'immigration ... autrement. 
Law of the Jungle - People to People Solidarity People to People Solidarity discussions of law and politics, with a wider remit than No Borders (e.g. can we work within the structures of the state?) - discussion is welcome to move into the No Borders domain. 
Liftshare Calais and Dunkirk Camps  a group to connect volunteers so they can find liftshares with each other to the camps of Calais and Dunkirk.  
Liftshare: Finding Sharing Lifts to Calais and Dunkirk  a group to connect volunteers so they can find liftshares with each other to the camps of Calais and Dunkirk.  
Mankind Helping raise money to buy essential for those that can't help themselves - raising money to aid the refugees in Calais to buy tents, warm clothes etc 
Musafir Collective: Calaid, Kos, Europe Musafir Collective grew out of Musafir Kitchen. Our aim is to provide sustainable, participatory aid to people in the refugee camps throughout Europe. 
Music Against Borders "Music Against Borders stands in solidarity with all migrants and in defiance of all borders. Our projects are varied and our plans are grand. Donating musical instruments to take over to Calais is a start to recognising the importance of creativity and culture in empowering people disenfranchised by war, climate change and a barbaric immigration system. To help residents of the jungle fill it with music is a powerful thing, but it should not stop at Calais. We are in the process of forming a Migrant Solidarity Musicians Network which will be a resource that newly arrived migrants can tap into to find support through their local music scene and get involved in creative projects and cultural exchange. Music Against Borders recognises that borders are not just arbitrary lines separating nations, but persist through the ghettoisation of diverse populations and there is no greater unifier than music. " 
Pallets 4 Calais Pallets for Calais werkt aan de zijde van het 'Building in Calais' team en 'l Auberge de Migrants ter ondersteuning van de shelterbouw. 
People's Kitchen A not-for-profit Organisation which uses food to work with communities on Mental Health and community cohesion issues. Also profits used to feed homeless. 
Pre Loved Treasure UK Shropshire Pre loved items that raise funds for communities. 
Project Fuel FUEL stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life lesson. We conduct life skills workshops by turning every life lesson into an interactive excercise 
Provide Shelter: Action From UK You are invited to join this group if you have clear ideas about or interest in the specific issue of shelters in Calais' Jungle.  
Pyro Bus To Calais We have 8 seats available on the bus. What we need People with building skills and circus skills ( for putting on clowning performance for the folks at the camp) and just in general people who want to help (however I reckon skilled workers/nursess etc will take priority spaces on the bus) 
Rapid Response Refugee Translators Quick Response Translation team to translate documents and conversations helping refugees. 
Refugee Biryani and Bananas Over 200 volunteers collaborated to feed 3000 refugees with Lamb Biriyani & bananas in Dunkirk. Why? Because nobody should have to go without. 
Refugee Child FB We are raising money to take aid to the refugee camp known as "The Jungle" in Calais. Growing numbers of unaccompanied children and young people are living in increasingly squalid conditions in a huge makeshift camp for migrants there. 
Refugee Child Website We’re Mums and dads, friends and co-workers from all walks of life coming together to help to provide immediate relief to those who need it the most. 
Refugee Community Kitchen We, the Refugee Community Kitchen. Steve Bedlam, Sam Jones Chef, Paula Gallardo Doula, Bobbie Greenish Teacher and Janie Mac activist and lecturer have come together to coordinate a humanitarian mission bringing together our skills and huge network of resourceful friends an anyone else drawn to help because as winter sets in we have seen tens of thousands of people leaving their homes and risking theirs and their families lives to find refuge with us in the West 
Refugee Info Bus The Refugee Info Bus hopes to provide access to technology and legal resources to refugees in north France. We believe that access to information that is already freely available will help refugees better understand their situation in Europe and aid in individuals making informed decisions about their own future. The Refugee Info Bus will provide free internet access, facilitate the work of asylum lawyers and other groups, and provide multilingual legal information on all EU countries and the rights of refugees. 
Refugee Info Bus he Refugee Info Bus hopes to provide access to technology and legal resources to refugees in north France. is a custom Google Map with crowdsourced information on the current refugee crisis. 
Refugee Maps An independent initiative to visualise grassroots humanitarian efforts in providing refugees aid across Europe 
Refugee Organisations List UK  
Refugee Support First Aid and Care Team We are a FRIENDLY collective of UK based Health professionals & support staff. We are coordinating shifts in the Refugee camp in Calais each weekend (when they have no medics). You do not have to come from the UK/you do not need a second language. 
Refugees Welcome UK This group is for anyone interested in setting up a UK division of Flüchtlinge Willkommen, meaning a group that would be an official part of our network, with the same website template, same design and with close ties to our team.  
Refugee Trauma Support Training "There is a growing need to provide not only practical support, but also safe emotional support to the refugees in Calais. What is important is that volunteers wishing to provide any level of emotional support (even just listening) are equipped and trained to manage this kind of role safely for both parties (refugee and volunteer). I am NOT a professional and cannot offer professional training, but I have extensive experience and would like to use this experience to train volunteers on the ground:" 
Refutee Refutee has been set up to raise money to support European refugee crisis aid through the creation and selling of t-shirts. £11.00 minimum per shirt sold goes to the cause. 
Room For Refugees UK "This is a group designed to assist in connecting those with a spare room in their home with refugees and asylum seekers who need housing. If you are interested in supporting the Room for Refugees group or have a spare room that you would like to offer, please visit our website " 
School Bus Project Community-led initiative by education professionals, providing a mobile, educational resource for refugees across Europe 
Scottish Action For Refugees SAFR This group is dedicated to providing ongoing, practical assistance to the people living in the camp known as The Jungle in Calais. 
Smartphones For Refugee Minors This initiative is aimed at providing smartphones to the most at-risk refugee children. A smartphone can help a child contact family and alert volunteers if they are lost or in trouble and can potentially save lives. 
Social Work First We are a group of Social Workers / Social Work students who are committed to supporting Women, Children, Families and unaccompanied children in the Calais and Dunkirk camps. Our aim is to establish regular social work support in both camps and to campaign for a humanitarian approach to all our fellow citizens in the Camps. GROUP TYPE 
Socks For Refugees Socks for Refugees. Dry feet campaign. Help refugees by giving new socks. Post to sock central they will then be distributed throughout Europe and Beyond. 
Solidarity Through Craft Crafting for the displaced and in need all over the world. Share photos of the things you're making, post patterns and tell us about craft projects that the group can contribute to. 
SOS Calais Sisters coming together in support of the refugee crisis in Calais. Updates regarding the crowd funding page. Supporting our sisters in Calais (SOS) 
Spain Spain Solidarity with Refugees, for the English Speaking Community. This is not a political group. This group has been set up for the English speaking people living in Spain, with the view to raise awareness of the humanitarian help needed in Calais. 
The Human Tale The Human Tale is an independent documentary production company telling peoples stories in their own words... 
The Wood Yard in Calais  Our aim is to support the refugee camps in Northern France with dry seasoned wood for heating and cooking. 
UAidRefugees So far I have raised nearly £6000 in less than three months and the donations are still coming in. Delivered a van full of food, a car load of volunteers, set up five donation collectors and I am in negotiation with Disaster Tech Lab to get Wifi set up in Calais. I initially only set out to raise a thousand pounds, what I hadn’t foreseen was the extent of the response from people to help and how consumed I would become by what I saw in the Camp.  
UK Action For Refugees We have a network contacts on the ground at every step of the refugees journey. From sending aid and food straight into Syria, to being part of The Hope Centre project in Lesvos, to providing aid and volunteers in Calais, right through the end of the journey linking up with the resettlement networks. UK Action wants to support the victims of the crisis every step of the way. 
Uniting Volunteers, Travel Buddies and Funders - Refugee Crisis This group if for people who are looking to travel together to volunteer at Refugee Camps, those who are looking to volunteer in the UK and those who wish to donate to fund individual projects or travel costs. 
Us Humans Us Humans is a small charitable collective building a community of people who want to make a big difference. 
Utopia 56  Aidez concrètement les migrants de la nouvelle Jungle de Calais( et Dunkerque) en y passant quelques jours en tant que bénévole. 6 000 personnes survivent dans ce bidonville 
Volunteer Group To Calais Arranging trips to Calais 
Woodburning Stoves For Refugee Camps We're making wood burning stoves to take out to the refugee camps in northern France. Everything is being done by volunteers and funded through donations. 
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