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Blog TitlePost Titledate
Feathery-Travels The Jungle Is Finished but We Haven't Quite 2 December 2016 
The Upcoming Lawyer My time in Calais during the demolition of the Jungle. 23 November 2016 
A Sideways Glance Why Planning Matters 3 November 2016 
Reathery Travels The Fate of the Jungle Bambinos 2 November 2016 
Help 4 Refugee Children A Ground Account of the Demolition 31 October 2016 
Feathery Travels Disconnected stabs of consciousness from Calais 28 October 2016 
School Bus Project Somewhere to Feel Human 27 October 2016 
Feathery Travels Jungle Halas 24 October 2016 
Sue Cooper: Reflections of A Vintage Student Behind The Wires Are People: A Blog From The Calais Jungle 22 October 2016 
A Week In The Jungle  Volunteering At The Refugee Camp In Calais 4 October 2016 
Lewis Garland  Maybe this whole situation will just sort itself out - The Jungle and Grande Synthe 23 August 2016 
The Hungry Road 'The Hungry Road' is a series of interviews with people in the camp over the past four months - who they are, why they're there and what life is like in their precarious situations. 7 August 2016 
Crew For Calais A Hundred Handshakes 31 July 2016 
Jungleblog In memoriam: the end of the Jungle’s thriving restaurant business 30 July 2016 
Green Jam Sandwich When Nancy Went to France 21 July 2016 
(Q. How do you cook for 1500 people? A. WITH REALLY BIG POTS AND PANS) Volunteering at the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais  8 June 2016 
The Ramblings of An Idealist ‘London Calling’: A Trip to the Calais Jungle 24 May 2016 
A Blog By Louis Durra  Volunteering in the Calais Jungle 24 May 2016 
Bonjour Solidarity Unless someone like you cares an awful lot… 23 May 2016 
A Week In The Jungle What It’s Actually Like 23 May 2016 
Bonjour Solidarity No One Chooses Refugee Camps 22 May 2016 
Bedford Square News A Community Of Helpers 5 May 2016 
Refugee Stories From Across The World Good Taliban, Bad Taliban 25 April 2016 
Bonjour Solidarity Three Days in Calais 22 April 2016 
Refugee Stories From Across The World People Make the Jungle Beautiful 16 April 2016 
The Ethics of Photography in Calais PhotoVoice 14 April 2016 
Refugee Stories From Across The World 15 years old and alone in Europe 8 April 2016 
#Beintheirshoes Everybody Welcome 3 April 2016 
Joan Naylor Bogspot Various Posts  2 April 2016 
Volunteering In Calais Reflections on My Easter In Calais 26 March 2016 
Feathery Travels Volunteering for l'Auberge des Migrants in the Calais "Jungle" 19 March 2016 
Brighid Langtry  Various posts  18 March 2016 
Refugee Stories From Across The World Calais Camp 12th - 13th March 14 March 2016 
Refugee Stories From Across The World Calais camp On the Eve of Demolition 8 March 2016 
The Burning Man Journal The Jungle: A Refugee Camp Served by the Burners of Calais 6 March 2016 
Alice Bragg The End of the Jungle 5 March 2016 
Something About Mary  French police brutality continues as Calais ‘Jungle’ is demolished 2 March 2016 
NOTES AT THE BORDER Fear 1 March 2016 
Sarah Hickson Photographer ABDULLAH, A TALENTED SINGER IN THE CALAIS ‘JUNGLE’ 1 March 2016 
A Van Full of Food Four Incredible Women 28 February 2016 
Champagne Dreams: Lemonade Life Why I have to See This one Through 23 February 2016 
London Baby and Kids Save Calais – An Incubator of Peace, Community and Problem Solving 22 February 2016 
Faith Unity Discipline Calais – A Life in a Day 12-13 February 2016 19 February 2016 
Jess Hurd Photographer 60 UK teachers volunteer in Jungle Camp 18 February 2016 
An Awfully Big Blog Adventure Bulldozing A Lifeline: Hope and Community in the Calais Jungle by Tess Berry-Hart 16 February 2016 
Dulwich2Dunkirk They're Still There 10 February 2016 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 6 February 2016 
One Dish Closer to Perfection Into the Jungle 3 February 2016 
Plumb Poetry Calais and Ripples of The Jungle 2 February 2016 
Paul Hutchings  Calais: think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction 31 January 2016 
Calais Edinburgh Calais - Life in "The Jungle"  25 January 2016 
Just Giving - Calais Stories I took my nine-year-old daughter to a refugee camp. This is what we learned. 22 January 2016 
Chef Rob Cooking In The Ashram Part IV 16 January 2016 
Ali Reid 14 January 2016 
Tiny Drops of Water Cause Ripples  First day of giving: No trees in this Jungle 12 January 2016 
Sarah Griffith France or Bust?  12 January 2016 
Mike Buss Beyond Impossible Calais Refugee Camp: A Volunteer's Account 10 January 2016 
Life In "The Jungle' A Photo Essay  Inside the Makeshift Refugee Camp in France 6 January 2016 
Embedded Junglism Jimmy's 1 January 2016 
Hillsong London  Refugee Response Update #4 - Calais Sanitation Unit 31 December 2015 
That Can't Be Right What’s cooking in hell’s kitchens? 25 December 2015 
Jungle Reflections Jungle Reflections  23 December 2015 
Mankind2015 Mankind 2015 17 December 2015 
Refugee Stories From Across The World Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps 15 December 2015 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Diary of A Bin Lady 12 December 2015 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Matteo's Account of a weekend in the camps 11 December 2015 
Notes At The Border Fear: On being human. On trauma, conditions and fires in the Calais 'Jungle'. 10 December 2015 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Dunkirk in December 4 December 2015 
Stuff and Nonsense Tears turned to anger … My sixth visit to the Calais Jungle 29 November 2015 
Home is Where the Art is Refugees Welcome 29 November 2015 
FROM THE SHARK’S MOUTH TO THE DEEP, DARK JUNGLE thoughts on calais 25 November 2015 
That Can't Be Right Blog The Kitchen At The Heart of Hell On Earth 24 November 2015 
Emily Turner Whitstable Convoy to Calais When grassroots donations help and hinder at the same time 23 November 2015 
Calais and Beyond Bridge2 Calais 21 November 2015 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Pulling teeth: A dental nurse reflects on her experiences in Dunkirk and Calais 20 November 2015 
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE Stories From A French Refugee Camp 20 November 2015 
Elizabeth the Third Welcome to ‘The Jungle’: A weekend volunteering in the Calais refugee camp 18 November 2015 
Dulwich2Dunkirk Mud, fire and floods: A weekend in refugee camps in France 15 November 2015 
Ahmedzahi’s story From Afghanistan to Calais’ Jungle 26 October 2015 
Cambridge Calais Refugee Action Group Calais Report, October 2015 by Sochel Rogers 22 October 2015 
Writers For Calais Refugees Leaves 20 October 2015 
Calais: A Home For Winter 20 Shelters Built 18 October 2015 
Dulwich Hamlets Supporters' Trust Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust’s Aid Delivery to Calais Refugee Camp 15 October 2015 
NINE THINGS I LEARNED VOLUNTEERING IN A REFUGEE CAMP  I had some free time and thought ‘why not go over and help?’ 13 October 2015 
Home is Where the Art Is The Jungle: Calais 10 October 2015 
NE Solidarity Lisa's Letter From Calais Day 4 4 October 2015 
NE Solidarity Lisa's Letter From Calais Day 3 3 October 2015 
NE solidarity Lisa's Letter From Calais Day 2 2 October 2015 
How Bad Would It Have To Get How Bad Would It Have To Get 2 October 2015 
NE Solidarity Lisa's letter From Calais Day 1 1 October 2015 
NE Solidarity Creative Collaborations In the Calais camp 1 October 2015 
The Jungle: ramblings of a mission to Calais 'refugee' camp Day 4 - Meetings and Maps 30 September 2015 
The Jungle: ramblings of a mission to Calais 'refugee' camp Day 2 - Tear Gas and Solidarity 30 September 2015 
IAB: A Weekend In Calais BLOG: A Weekend In Calais | Paul Stringer 30 September 2015 
The Jungle: ramblings of a mission to Calais 'refugee' camp Day 1 - The Jungle 30 September 2015 
The Jungle: ramblings of a mission to Calais 'refugee' camp Day 3 - A Memory 30 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais Day 7 28 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais Day 6 27 September 2015 
Ros Bayes Writing Cleaning The Jungle 27 September 2015 
Road To Clais  Road To Calais  26 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais: Day 5 25 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Tear Gas In The Calais Camp 24 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais Days 3 & 4 : Gendarme Action 23 September 2015 
Tom Bailey's Blog French Police Destroy Refugee Camps in Calais 23 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais Day 2 22 September 2015 
NE Solidarity Jo's Diary From Calais Day 1 21 September 2015 
Photography by Dibs Helping Out in Calais September 2015 18 September 2015 
My experience of the Jungle in Calais A firstcomer to Calais 16 September 2015 
Daniel Tomlinson on Medium The refugee crisis: my week in Calais and some ideas on what action we can take here in the UK. 16 September 2015 
Disasters and Humanitarian Response The Jungle Refugee Camp 15 September 2015 
London2Calais A solidarity initiative for refugees 15 September 2015 
Itiest Meeting the Syrian Refugees in Calais 9 September 2015 
The Drowned Van Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad 8 September 2015 
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