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An Environmental Health Assessment of the New Migrant Camp in Calais University of Birmingham  October 2015 
Apps for Basic phrases in Tigrinya, Somali, Pashto and many more Google Play Apps By Robert Theis 
Arrested in France? Fair Fair Trials is a human rights organisation that works to improve respect for the fundamental human right to a fair trial. 
Destination Europre Forced Migration Review  
Difficult to Believe Irish Refugee Council The assessment of asylum claims in Ireland 
Eritrea: Country Information and Guidance Gov.UK Guidance used by UK Visas and Immigration to make decisions in asylum and human rights applications. 
Exiles and fundamental rights: the situation in the territory of Calais Republique Francaise The Defender of Rights  Oct 2015 
GETTING AID WORKERS DISASTER READY Disaster Ready.Org Is your organization ready to help communities prepare for and respond to the next disaster? Are your colleagues and partners sufficiently trained to meet emergency needs quickly and in line with international best practices?  
Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration European Fundamental Rights Association  The Handbook on European law relating to asylum, borders and immigration is jointly produced by the European Court of Human Rights and the FRA 
London (Firms) Immigration: Personal Chambers and Partners The Chambers Guides have been ranking the best law firms and lawyers since 1990, and now cover 185 jurisdictions throughout the world. (They are not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with, Best Lawyers publications.) 
Mobile phone Signal Boosters OFCOM But if you are having coverage problems, don't be tempted to try and boost your signal with an illegal mobile repeater - because if you do, poor reception could be the least of your problems. The unlicensed use of mobile repeaters could result in a fine of up to £5,000 and up to a year in prison. 
No Borders UK No Borders UK: Resources and Information No Borders UK is a network of groups and individuals who struggle against borders and immigration controls and strive for freedom of movement for all 
Playing the Asylum Lottery Irin IRIN, originally the "Integrated Regional Information Networks", started distributing humanitarian news about central Africa by fax from a small office in Nairobi in 1995. Over the years, its award-winning coverage expanded to the rest of Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. 
Pro Bono Directory The Rights in Exile Programme The Rights in Exile Programme (IRRI) was created to provide access to knowledge, nurture the growing refugee legal aid and advocacy movement in all countries, and encourage active sharing of information as well as expertise among legal practitioners throughout the world. It links refugee-assisting networks both on line and off line, that is, real people meeting real people.  
Refugee Family Reunion: A Users Guide Free Movement  The Free Movement immigration law blog is written by members of the immigration team at Garden Court Chambers in London, ranked as top tier in both Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500.  
Refugee Information Network (RIN) FB Group The aim of this initiative is to put together information on the asylum processes of each of the 28 member states of the European Union. This is to give residents of camps like Calais options beyond making the dangerous, difficult journey to the UK. It is also to give asylum seekers across the EU some facts on what they can expect when they begin their applications for refugee status. 
Refugee Law OUP In response to the refugee crisis in Europe, Oxford University Press has made more than 30 book chapters, journal articles, and pieces of content from online resources freely accessible to assist those working with refugees on the ground, as well as anyone who would like to know more about the framework of rights and obligations concerning refugees. The materials are structured around four key questions: who is a refugee, what rights do they have, what are transit states’ obligations, and what are the duties of the state where a refugee applies for asylum. 
'Refugees' and 'Migrants'- What's the difference and why does it matter? UNHCR Are the terms 'refugee' and 'migrant' interchangeable? 
Refworld UNHCR Country Information Collection of country of origin information, carefully selected from UNHCR, international, governmental and non-governmental sources. This section includes UNHCR country reports, and a wide range of documents from other sources, such as country profiles and assessments, research papers, query responses, and human rights reports. Legal Information Collection of the core international treaties and agreements (such as those adopted by the United Nations and in the European Union), national legislation relating to UNHCR's mandate, and case law from international, regional and national courts. Policy Documents Collection of refugee policy documents and guidelines from a variety of sources. In particular, UNHCR's position papers relating to specific countries and case loads are highlighted here. Reference Documents Collection consisting of a host of handbooks and training manuals, as well as background documents from the United Nations and other sources. 
The Sphere Handbook The Sphere Project The Sphere Project is a voluntary initiative that brings a wide range of humanitarian agencies together around a common aim - to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance and the accountability of humanitarian actors to their constituents, donors and affected populations. 
Ways To help Refugees How To Help Refugees A small list of links 
Welcome To Calais - Booklet No Borders This booklet provides printed information to people who find themselves in Calais. The asylum system changes all the time and you should contact lawyers and advice services in the country you want to stay in to find out if the information is still valid! We have included legal contacts in the last section on each country. This booklet was last updated in October 2015. 
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