For many months various groups worked tirelessly to build shelters to ensure that no one had to sleep in a tent if possible, and various communal spaces.   By winter they had virtually achieved their aims - despite occasional fires destroying small areas of the camp.  Then, in February 2016 the French authorities began demolishing half of the camp.  By the summer of 2016 the authorities were making it very difficult for any new building to take place in the camp despite a massive fire destroying a huge number of homes. 

 Below are the various groups whose heroic efforts, made such a difference to the lives of those trapped in the camp.

Calais Build (L'Auberge/Help Refugees)

People to People Refugee Shelter Construction Group

The Calais Builds - a project led by Grainne Hassett

Hummingbird Project Builders Group 
A Home For Winter

Jersey Builders Group

Crew For Calais Builders Group