From September 2015 - October 31st 2016 volunteers helped with a variety of  general tasks including sorting stock in the warehouse, litter collection and aid distribution in the camp.

Following the clearance of the camp, the warehouse became a hub supplying aid to partner organisations across France, wider Europe and the Middle East as well as providing for the refugees in Dunkirk and in the vicinity of Calais.

Volunteers, are thus still needed. Please register here.

Calais kitchens joined forces with Refugee Community Kitchen and are based in the L'Auberge/Help Refugees warehouse.  To volunteer  with them please complete this form.

March 2015


The majority of volunteers make their own way to and from Calais and those with their own transport are very good at offering lifts across the channel and to and from the warehouses. 

If you are looking to share as lift please check out the Facebook groups below or "Erithacust" who run a mini bus from central London to Calais.

Organizer of Emergency Relief Passenger Transport 6/8 seats

Erithacust aims to provide essential services for volunteers traveling from the UK to Calais and for Asylum Seekers in France. Their aims are to assist with, and to encourage sustainable charity efforts in the camp in Calais as well as to work for greater levels of human dignity and equality for asylum
seekers currently being withheld from entering the UK.

For more information & updates  please visit the Erithacust Facebook page or contact:

+44 (0)7 949 786 162


A useful insight into what the L'Auberge/Help Refugees  volunteers get up to

Uniting Volunteers, travel buddies and funders - 
Refugee Crisis


Volunteer Group to Calais


Liftshare - Calais and Dunkirk Refugee camps
Volunteers Room Share Connections - Calais and beyond

Prior to the Clearance of the Camp in November 2016 ...

Healthcare professionals, used this Facebook Group to coordinate their help in the camp.   

The women and children in Calais were looked after by a volunteer group who liaised via this  Facebook Group.

Jan 2016


The warehouse is on route 1 

Getting to the Youth Hostel from the Train Station

From Calais frethun, take the train to Calais Ville.
From Calais Ville  your choices are:
The no 5 or  no 3 bus that goes right up to the road near the hostel 
a short bus trip on the tiny free bus called the Balad'in followed by  a 5-10 minute walk.
a 20-minute walk

Read a volunteer's account of a day in the L'Auberge /Help Refugees warehouse

Flora writes about her week spent volunteering in Calais with L’Auberge Des Migrants/Help Refugees



Check out some of the budget hotels in Calais

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