Dunkirk News


April 30th 2016

Finn Kay

To date four out of seven of the kitchens and community spaces are due to open in the new Dunkirk camp this Tuesday or Wednesday, with wood burning cooking stoves, kitchen consoles, hot and cold running water, lighting, floors, free shop/distribution area, tables and benches, booth platforms etc. The remaining three will follow in a matter of days.

The residents of the camp are excited at the prospect of them all being open. It has taken longer than expected to get them all up and running but the end is in sight.


March 11th 2016

The mud-ridden camp in Grand Synthe has closed and many of the residents have moved to the new camp which is run by the French organisation Utopia 56 , who are assisted by MSF.

and the following British organisations:

ABC (Aid Box Convoy)

Building Support through Shelter

Hummingbird Project

Volunteers involved with these organisations know the residents well from the previous camp and are supporting Utopia 56 as much as they can.

Help Refugees and the organisations based in Calais have been sending aid and volunteers to Dunkirk for many months. With the opening of the new camp, the demands on their operations have increased and so physical donations and volunteering is more crucial than ever.

At the moment the new camp is very much a work in progress. There are still many shelters to be built, distribution of food and supplies is not yet a smoothly run operation. There are agreements to build community spaces such as kitchens, women and children's areas but this will take time and resources.

There is also the uncertainty of the response and intentions of the French authorities as to whether they will even permit the new camp to remain.