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Calais Kitchens has fed THOUSANDS of people over the last 9 months. And we are currently providing food to over 9000 people a week. But did you know that we're just 10 volunteers?

Answering emails, making bulk purchases, fundraising, packing food, delivering food, organising short-term volunteers, answering questions, building websites, and providing nutritional and emotional support to thousands of people who are stuck in a bad situation.

Some of us help from afar and some of us put our whole lives on hold and jumped into the fray. None of us have fundraising experience or have been trained to deal with such an insane, emotionally challenging situation. But we do it anyway and with lots of love and Whats app-ing.

We just wanted to let you know, in case you thought we were some giant NGO or had a team of 30 people. We are 10 women, feeding over 9000 people a week.

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VIDEO explaining about the community kitchens in Calais

"Little Ashram Kitchen"


"Refugee Community Kitchen"

On Thursday, the 26th of May a fire broke out in the Jungle that spread across the camp, resulting in 500 people being left without shelter and the unfortunate end of The Little Ashram Cafe. For safety reasons they had to evacuate during service and sadly lost everything.

Since the fire the Ashram team have been on site helping The Refugee Community Kitchen who have continued in their tireless efforts to ensure hot food is distributed to thousands in camp. The team have also given all their energy to make sure everyone who was affected by the fire is safe, and has somewhere to sleep. The Ashram Spirit lives on and their next move is to bring the Ashram back into the camp as soon as possible to bring some sense of normality, love and food back to the residents after the chaos of Thursday evening.

They are thus fundraising for... THE TRAVELLING ASHRAM

They have decided that Ashram on wheels is the way forward. Whilst they will remain a community space in form of a yurt or tent- in which they can continue the activities they carry out on a day-to-day basis, being mobile means that the kitchen itself can move depending on the situation in the camp. Not only is this safer, it also means it will eventually be more cost-efficient and suited to the temporary nature of refugee camps - if needs be they can take Ashram to where it is most needed.

The RCK provides hot food to thousands of people across the camp daily

By donating to any of the fundraisers below you are helping with the important task of feeding the many people in the camp.



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