AFTER THE FIRE CP2PS 27th May 2016

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 20:42:51

Last night, Acted coordinated the emergency response and Care4Calais and L'Auberge/Help Refugees worked closely together to hand out emergency supplies. Most of the displaced Afghans slept in the mosque whilst the Eritreans and Sudanese slept in tents put up in the Jules Ferry Centre.

Today, Acted managed a coordination meeting at 7.00am and priorities re distribution, sharing stock, and handing out emergency aid were agreed. This was then carried out through a series of community distribution points round the camp, with the teams taking orders from every community on numbers and needs to make sure no one was left out.

MdM, MSF, Acted. Care4Calais, L'Auberge/HelpRefugees, Acted and Secours Catholique worked together - sharing supplies and managing the community based distribution. Between them they erected over 300 tents, and distributed over 400 emergency packs of clothing and food. MdM delivered 500 sleeping bags, MSF are arranging 100 tents. 2 Acted bulldozers and 1 L'auberge digger cleared the debris .

The NGOs also met with the prefecture.

Here is what happened last night:

There were 3 big fire sites and a few small ones.

The Sudanese community were the worst affected; their main community tent was effectively destroyed.

47 people were taken to hospital: 41 refugees (the majority of whom are Sudanese) and 6 La Vie Activ volunteers. Injuries were mostly cuts and stab wounds. There were a few head injuries but mercifully no burns.

Photo: Libby at Calais Action