AND THE FOOD GOES ON: January 18th 2016, (One Spirit Ashram Kitchen, Refugee Community Kitchen, Calais Kitchens)

Post date: 05-Jul-2016 10:22:52

Despite all the challenges going on in the camps in Calais and Dunkirk recently, we have been able to keep going due to the amazing support of many individuals and groups.Help Refugees is a huge supporter of the kitchens and and food operations in the warehouse. With their help we have been able to keep the hot meals and food parcels going all week. Together we are feeding more then five thousand people every day.We couldn't do it without public support, though. Over the past week, in addition to many individuals donations, we have received 4 vans full of fruit and vegetables here at the warehouse.We have also bought the following: 6000 tins of fish; 4 pallets of teabags; thousands of nutritious bars; and lots of water bottles.

Tina and her team have made up 1000's of emergency food packs, ready for whatever action the police decide to take in the next few weeks.

And the mountain of rice is never ending

As a result all the kitchens have been able to keep delivering high quality food to thousands every day.