CALAIS EVICTION PUSHED BACK, by Help Refugees: October 13th 2016

Post date: 13-Oct-2016 21:05:02

We have had confirmation that the eviction of the Calais camp will not begin on Monday 17th October because there is currently not a solution available for the unaccompanied minors currently living in the camp.

At the date of the last census there were 1022 minors living in the unofficial camp in Calais. Teams of our long-term volunteers are in the process of carrying out a new census so we will have the breakdown of the current demographics at the beginning of next week.

We welcome the news that some time is being taken to arrange safe, suitable solutions for these vulnerable young people.

It is vitally important that we maintain this momentum of talking about this issue and applying pressure. We continue to ask you to contact your MPs to ask them to encourage the British government to act quickly to bring those with a legal right to be in the UK under Dublin III (family reunification) or the Alf Dubs amendment, to safety as quickly as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

Photo: Rob Pinney

EVICTIONS UPDATE by Care4Calais: October 13th 2016

Our understanding is that the French authorities are now planning to commence evictions of the camp on Monday 24 October. Alongside the French associations we are working with lawyers who have filed an appeal on behalf of the refugees to suspend the evictions. This is on the basis that the plans in place to rehouse the refugees are incomplete and we remain very concerned their well being.

Re-housing 10,000 people is a huge logistical exercise and the plans have been drawn up in just a few weeks. It is hard to envisage how the lodging, catering and day to day living arrangements can be ready, even less the requirements for interpreters, medical and legal facilities.

These concerns are shared by the French Defenseur Des Droits and include the fact that many of the areas of France where the refugees are to be sent have seen major anti refugee demonstrations, some of which have been violent. Sending refugees in small groups to these areas could lead to feelings of intense isolation or at a worst case racial violence.

Our priorities for the coming week will be to distribute as much as possible in order to prepare the refugees for winter. Once they are dispersed around France we may not be able to get to them.


Walking boots

Winter coats

Warm winter clothes


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