CALAIS ‘JUNGLE’ EVICTION – UPDATE From Help Refugees: 23rd September 2016

Post date: 23-Sep-2016 20:35:01

Following a high-level meeting with members of the government and some associations and NGOs about the imminent eviction, there is much speculation and many things we are not yet certain of, but here is what we know for sure:

- The intention is to evict the whole of the camp in one go. There are now 10,188 people in the camp

- We don’t expect anything will happen for at least two to three weeks, before the next meeting.

- It will be a very swift process.

- Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has released a plan whereby 12,000 spaces in CAOs (centres of accommodation) will be made available for refugees in Calais and Paris.

- The CAP (container camp) and the Jules Ferry Centre will continue to accommodate up to 2,000 refugees in Calais.

- There are currently zero provisions for the 1,022 unaccompanied minors in the camp, but there are promises that measures will be put in place.

- There will be another meeting in 15-20 days when plans for the eviction will become more concrete.

Along with our French partners L'auberge des Migrants, we are working with many organisations to ensure sufficient and adequate provisions are put in place for everyone, based on their circumstances and intentions, as we all, including the authorities, do not want to see the events witnessed in the March Southern eviction be repeated.

Please click on the link below where you can buy essential items that will be vital to the relief effort in the wake of a demolition…/86100/1/help_refugees