Post date: 31-Aug-2016 21:17:51

Help Refugees/L'Auberge des Migrants have recently formed a Vulnerabilities team to serve those living in the Jungle. This is a team that is long overdue in the making, as already existing services are extremely overstretched trying to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in camp.

The team will be supporting the elderly, people with mental and physical health issues, pregnant women, unaccompanied minors and anyone else who is in need of a bit of extra care. We will largely be liaising with existing services to meet people’s needs but also providing pastoral care and delivering personal items that people cannot get at regular distributions (i.e. breast pump). We are currently raising money for items such as this and other items including phones and sim cards (valuable lifelines for vulnerable people). Our funding will also be heavily directed to sourcing and renovating caravans. This is because a lot of the people that are in a vulnerable state can be helped by being given a secure, warm place to live. Caravans are very effective as they can’t be dismantled and stolen for shops or firewood, as shelters often are. They are also easy to relocate if areas become unsafe. We currently have a long list of vulnerable people in need of a safe place to live, and very few caravans donated to us. Any kind donation, small or large, will go to housing a vulnerable person or buying items to make their life a little more bearable.