CENSUS RESEARCHERS WANTED Between Thursday April 28th and Sunday May 1st: April 2016

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 19:46:49

Help Refugees and L'Auberge des Migrants need 12 census takers to carry on this vital statistical work every month!

For the first time in the history of the Calais Jungle, we have been able to have accurate statistics on its population and its movement. The Census has found that 3455 people were affected by the last eviction, that 129 unaccompanied children can no longer be accounted for after the demolition, that the youngest child in camp is just 1 month old!

This work has been mentioned in The Guardian, The Independent, The Houses of Parliament and used also by the Refugee Rights Data Project. It is essential for the continuing struggle to identify and help vulnerable individuals, and protecting the rights of unaccompanied children especially.

To continue the study of the population, WE NEED YOU!

Essential skills:

- previous experience volunteering in Calais and knowledge of the camp are absolutely vital!

- being available Thursday April 28th - Sunday May 1st

- knowledge of Excel/ Google Sheets + laptop

Desirable skills:

- languages: Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Tigrinya, Amharic, Turkish, Urdu, Dari

- previous experience in information/ evidence gathering

Training on the project will be provided!

To apply, email annie@helprefugees.org.uk with a cover letter including the above information, your full name, date of birth and contact number!