Post date: 29-Oct-2016 09:36:32

5.00pm: Refugee Info Bus

10.15am: Rachel Hattingh

A friend in the container camp asked me to try and explain to the people "in charge" in England that it is very difficult in the container camp. He said there are English people there in an office to interview them but it is very, very hard to get an interview. He said there is no line or system in place to speak to them. He said it would be easy to interview people systematically by name or container number but at the moment it is chaotic and frustrating. Only those who are strong enough can push to be seen, which is bad for the small children. He said they are all very tired and unhappy. Yesterday they could not go for food all day because of trying to get an interview.

He said there are not many of us here now, only those in the containers and the women in Salam. He kept saying "it would be so simple for the English to help us simple". He said that most people have family and friends who will look after them in England.

10.00am: Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin

I just wanted to share with you the amazing kindness from the people of Devon in reaction to refugees arriving in Great Torrington. There are some really heart-warming stories.

Refugees ARE Welcome In Devon