REFUGEE INFO BUS UPDATE 22nd September 2016 (Help Refugees)

Post date: 23-Sep-2016 00:12:29

The Refugee Info Bus team has recently negotiated access to the Jules Ferry 'Salaam' Centre in Calais. This centre provides hot showers, phone charging facilities and also accommodation for roughly 200 women and children.

Many women who have had to flee their country have experienced sexual violence. Talking about the reasons for leaving their countries or issues surrounding honour based violence or trafficking are essential in preparing women for what can be an incredibly traumatic legal battle to claim asylum, both in France and the UK. These issues must be spoken about in private. Furthermore, talking to families back home can be very personal and intimate. This can not be done when surrounded by 200 men who are also talking away on their phones or getting legal information. Therefore, the Refugee Info Bus have started women-only sessions on the bus every Monday and Friday so ladies can have the private space to talk to their family or talk about their asylum applications.

Photo credit - Indo Relief


Destruction of the shantytown of Calais: a laundering operation: September 22nd 2016

If it hadn’t been for the media inflated headlines, the blocade of the highway to ask for the destruction of the shantytown, the right wing calls against the dispersal of refugees in France and the presidential elections coming up the government might not have initiated the destruction of the south part of the jungle. The Prefecture has ownership of the land for six years which demonstrates the will to maintain things as they are and we had anticipated more partial operations to come such as the one against the shops in camp.