Post date: 31-Aug-2016 20:56:57

Calais is in absolutely desperate need of donations to support new arrivals. The famous pink caravan burnt down during the eviction of the south of the camp some weeks ago. Since then the New Arrivals Centre has only been open sporadically as there have been insufficient donations to provide welcome packs. It's currently so bad now that new arrivals are sleeping under tarpaulin.

So, although tents are being picked up by various festival salvage crews, many more are required. Can you organise a local collection, or buy some for immediate delivery from

To get the New Arrivals Welcome Centre back open means providing about 1,000 welcome packs a month.

Arrivals packs are made up of:

  • a tent
  • an IKEA bag, or similar, containing:
    • a thick blanket
    • a thin blanket
    • a sleeping bag
    • a change of clothes, socks and a hat/gloves (if available)
    • some snacks such as dried fruit or nuts
    • a hygiene pack
    • a wind up torch (if available)

Can you organise a local collection, or buy some of the above for immediate delivery from

Thank you.