Post date: 28-Oct-2016 01:01:40

8.00pm - received via email.

Dear Theresa May

I have been watching through my mum's Facebook what has been happening in Calais and I am very, very worried and concerned about it. It seems to me that the children have been told to leave the camp so that the French police can tear it down, but then no one came to get all the children! How can that have happened? I am 12 (nearly 13) and I am still a bit scared to go up the my room when it’s dark. I would NOT like to be sleeping alone, outside, in France, in the dark AT ALL.

When I googled the Dubs Amendment that is a new law , it said this:

The Secretary of State must, as soon as possible after the passing of this Act, make arrangements to relocate to the United Kingdom and support a specified number of unaccompanied refugee children from other countries in Europe.”

I think we might be breaking the law by not doing what the Dubs Amendment says, and I think that is VERY wrong. I went to the ‘Jungle’ in Calais with my mum earlier this year. I made great friends with some of the lads there and we played cricket and football. We talked about Manchester City and Arsenal and I taught them ‘heads or tails’ with a coin! We need to make sure these children are OK Teresa May!!! They are my friends and we have let them down.

In year 5 we learnt about Kindertransport in WW2 - where is our kindertransport Theresa May??

It has taken me ages to write this and you might think that because I am only 12 it is not important, but it IS important, because one day I might be prime minister and I will be in charge of your pension.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Sonny Anderson Age 12

PS.Below is a very short film of me & my mum in Calais.


7.30pm - Refugee Community Kitchen

Friday 28th one year on and we are cooking late in to the night again. 20 plus volunteers prepping food ,loading vans with food,water fruit and blankets. Preparing for 3 meals a day again tomorrow for the forgotten people, the new arrivals and the kids. Sad but resilient the volunteers smile and keep going. RESPECT to Ashram and Calais kitchen cold food teams working together.

7.20pm: Refugee Info Bus

7.15pm: Help Refugees

3.00pm: Info Refugee Bus

2.00pm: Refugee Info Bus

12.05pm: Refugee Info Bus

11.15am: Refugee Info Bus

8.00am: Liz Clegg

2.30am: Liz Clegg

1.00am: Refugee Community Kitchen

Late last night at RCK.

We are cooking and serving at all hours of the day and night

Video shows bento boxes being filled at 7pm and another full service went out at 10.00pm.

The sixth hot food service of the day.

The camp is not empty

The kids are not safely sorted.