Fact From Mainstream Media Fiction: Child Refugees - by Rachel Mantell: October 20th 2016

Post date: 20-Oct-2016 21:34:19

  • The children currently being brought over to England are those whose paperwork is in order and their claims verifiable; they are not being brought over in order of age, vulnerability, risk or need.
  • The are all 'Dublin' kids- ie they have family members over here and so have the right to be reunified with them and have their claims processed here under the terms of the Dublin 3 treaty.
  • Not a single child has yet been brought over under Dubs- the 'modern day Kindertransport' aimed at protecting the most vulnerable.
  • There are girls in Calais but most are either with family (and so not eligible) or are Dubs kids- so with a few exceptions not in the current batch the Home Office is processing.
  • There are some very young children covered under both Dubs and Dublin. None have come over because of Dubs and the young Dublin children weren't allowed to be photographed
  • The press photographed teenage boys, on the cusp of manhood though one 'kid' photographed was later said by one charity to be an adult interpreter, and one picture used in the Telegraph was of a refugee in Calais - a fact pointed out on Twitter by the professional photographer who took the photograph.
  • By photographing and identifying these children and making insinuations about them, the press have made them targets. Members of parliament have joined in and called for dental checks (which professional associations have deemed ethically dubious and scientifically discredited.)