For Those Who Want to Know What is Going To Happen Re Evictions and Demolition: via Facebook October 10th 2016

Post date: 10-Oct-2016 09:48:53


  • the French want to close the camp.


  • WHEN it will happen. 15 or 17 Oct are possible dates, but nothing confirmed. It could be postponed or brought forward. Best not to get too hung up on the date and be prepared for all eventualities.
  • HOW it will happen. Previous evictions began without notice and proceeded quickly and relentlessly. The expectation is the same, but no guarantee.
  • WHERE the residents will go. Based on previous evictions some will be relocated by the French government and apply for asylum. Some may end up sleeping rough or forming satellite camps. Some may try to leave for Belgium or Germany etc, or even try risky attempts to get to the UK.
  • WHO will be permitted to attend. The CRS may deny access to anyone without a permit, including by foot.
  • How SAFE it will be. Previous evictions were carried out with bulldozers, water guns, teargas, fires and and violence. This time there are many more people in a much smaller space and tensions are high.