Post date: 05-Jul-2016 12:57:33

The French government has hinted about wanting the jungle to be levelled "by March"

However difficult the living conditions are in it, the “Jungle” of Calais is home for 5000 refugees, the only home they have. Destroying it is not only inhumane and cruel toward people who have already lost everything in their own countries, but it is also illegal, according to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the fundamental rights of every person to a home, and a private and family life. However, in January 2016, the French government already leveled a 100m band around the perimeter of the jungle, bulldozing mercilessly hundreds of homes. Over 1300 people had to be relocated, before an eviction notice was even put up. Moreover, on Feb 1, a church and a mosque were also destroyed with no advance notice whatsoever, and this after the government had promised to leave the places of worship intact. According to article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects people’s right to worship, no such place can be destroyed.

Enough is enough!

The Jungle of Calais is comprised of more than 2000 homes, 2 schools, a women's centre, a youth centre, a library, numerous meeting areas and several places of worship, including a large Christian church. We, European citizens united with all refugees demand that the French government stop the further destruction of this jungle. The refugees had no choice but to build these living places themselves since the French government forced them, in April 2015, to move to this barren piece of land with no amenities whatsoever. They did this with much hard work and resourcefulness and with the contributions of donors from many countries. We cannot accept the destruction of thousands of homes until a truly welcoming solution is found for ALL refugees living there, one which will allow them to ask for asylum in the country of their choice and will treat their request with both care and effectiveness so they can rapidly become productive citizens and contribute their many skills to our society.

Refugees of a war-torn world deserve a decent welcome! If you agree, please sign this petition and share widely.