Post date: 31-Aug-2016 20:14:39

Now the weather has improved, refugees are arriving in Calais at a rate of 30-40 a day. These are people who have managed to avoid internment in Greece, or who have made the longer and much more dangerous crossings from Egypt and Libya.

As ever, the only support they are offered when they reach northern France, is from associations and volunteers- and stocks are at an all time low.

Currently there are distribution points in camp where refugees can come and get what they need at regular times and a welcome centre (again, set up, staffed and managed by volunteers) where newcomers can be looked after. These distribution points are vital to upholding dignity in camp- there aren't decent washing facilities, the CRS still destroy or confiscate property on a whim- so if new clothes aren't available, people go cold or have to live and sleep in dirty clothes for weeks at a time.

Supplies are so low right now that distributions may have to be cancelled, or distribution points closed.

The people in both camps urgently need small and medium clothes and shoes up to size 39

Please, can local groups set up collections- there are some items to buy on the Leisurefayre site - but local groups collecting priority items will make all the difference.