Latest Census In Progress : Posted by Help Refugees, October 11th 2016

Post date: 12-Oct-2016 08:04:39

Today 50 of our long-term volunteers, with trusted translators from the refugee community in Calais, began the monthly Help Refugees & Auberge des Migrants census. This month the census is particularly detailed because are alerting the local authority to every single type of personal situation in the camp and demanding a solution for each one. We are particularly concerned about the most vulnerable people for whom the regular CAOs (accommodation centres) may not be suitable / available.

We still have no final confirmation of when the eviction will take place but many fear it could begin as soon as Monday - and still there is no plan for the minors and vulnerable people.

The type of cases we will be indicating to the authorities through this census are: unaccompanied minors, families, women, pregnant women, people with chronic medical conditions needing specific treatment, people suffering from severe mental health issues resulting from trauma and the elderly. Many people wish to or have already claimed asylum in France, some wish to be deported back to their country of origin, having struggled for many months with life in the 'Jungle' where conditions are unquestionably below an acceptable level in the humanitarian crisis in Western Europe. Many have family members in the UK, especially the unaccompanied minors, about whom we are the most concerned, after 129 of these young people went unaccounted for after the last eviction, which was only a half eviction. We will also indicate how many people fall into each of these categories through this census.

We continue to distribute aid from door to door, both to areas most in need of the essentials like waterproof shoes, coats and bags and taking referrals to ensure that the most vulnerable have what they need to stay warm and dry as a priority.

The heavy rain in recent days has resulted in many tents leaking so our tent repair team has been very busy repairing and replacing tents.

We have a large number of volunteers currently helping out in the warehouse which reminds us that there is a huge movement of support for the people living in the camp in Calais and refugees all over the world and continues to give us hope that together we can create change.

Photo : Rob Pinney