MESSAGE RE VOLUNTEERING/DONATIONS: Via Calais People to People - Action From UK, 23rd October 2016

Post date: 23-Oct-2016 04:40:16

Over the next week (the week of the evictions and demolition of the camp)

  • if you have deliveries or volunteering commitments booked with the warehouse please fulfil these as planned. It is even more important than ever that anything you take is sorted, labelled, and on the needs list. Energy and manpower will be needed for other things- so really good sorting this side will make a huge difference.
  • please do not make new plans to drop off aid or volunteer. The teams on the ground need to get through next week and assess what the needs are, what access they are allowed etc.
  • There will be needs going forward- there have been refugees in N France for decades and they won't simply cease to exist. But what we don't know is how many people, where and how best to support them.... That will become clear in the next few weeks.