More (Small Scale) Evictions 31st March 2016 (C4C)

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 15:33:41

This is the area opposite the Jules Ferry centre that last week had 15 shelters on it. This was one of the oldest areas of the camp and also one of the poorest.The French Authorities decided to evict the 40+ people who lived there this week.

This week volunteers from Care 4 Calais helped the people to move, and also did some targeted distributions here and in the surrounding area. Volunteers from L' Auberge provided three new self build shelters as some of the old ones were not strong enough to be relocated.

Even though it was horrible helping the panicked and upset refugees to find a new space we had to stop to admire the ingenuity and resourcefulness that had built these early shelters out of nothing but what could be scavenged. The frames are branches tied together with scraps of string or fabric, the walls are bin liners, broken tarps and sheets.