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Due to the current situation in Calais, Jungle Canopy is temporarily pausing delivery of further caravans.

They have several caravans stacked up at the warehouses and more in the UK, ready to go.

It’s always a challenge to get them past the CRS, but the concern is that any that taken in now will be lost within a couple of weeks in the impending demolition.

As always when dealing with the authorities in Calais, nothing is certain, but it seems increasingly likely that demolition will begin within the next couple of weeks, and will be complete before October 31st.

Temporarily, all the pending caravans are going to be kept where they are, either at the warehouses in Calais or in the UK, until it is decided how best to use them.

Don’t worry – Jungle Canopy is not going anywhere. They are developing various plans for support after the demolition, but need a view of the developing situation before firming up their intentions.

Right now, the most important action supporters can take is to support the larger aid operations in Calais. Many difficult times have been experienced in Calais; this is going to be the toughest challenge yet.

Please be very clear:

The demolition of the Jungle will not decrease the need for aid. There will still be thousands of people in the Calais area, and more will arrive.

They will need support more now, than ever before as people will form temporary encampments around the area. They will not have supportive infrastructure, water or sanitation; they will not have central kitchens; they will only own what they can carry.

The aid agencies will not have the economies of scale that allowed them to support the people in the Jungle and so will need to become mobile.

Remember, people are about to be evicted from their homes and so will need to carry the few possessions they have.

The most urgent requirement, therefore, is for travel bags, medium and large rucksacks/backpacks/bergens and rolling suitcases

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CALAIS CAMP UPDATE - 26th September 2016 (Help Refugees)

  • A full eviction of the Calais camp, including containers and Jules Ferry Centre, is expected prior to the 31st October.
  • The President has assured the associations that an assessment census of the entire camp will be carried out ahead of the evictions.
  • 387 children who have been referred to the Home Office for relocation to the UK under Dublin 3 and Alf Dubs amendment need to be processed quickly and delivered to safety in the UK
  • Large backpacks, suitcases, suitcases with wheels and funds needed urgently Email if you have physical donations.

A representative from L'Auberge des Migrants, Help Refugees' partner organisation for operations in Calais and Dunkirk, attended a meeting with President Hollande, and Bernard Cazaneuve, the Interior Minister, this morning.

Help Refugees have completed an initial consultation in regards to the outcomes of this meeting.

It is our understanding that the government plans to evict not only the entire unofficial Calais camp, commonly known as the 'Jungle' but also the container camp (CAP) and the Jules Ferry Centre (also known as Salam). The Jules Ferry centre offers accommodation for unaccompanied female minors and adult women, many of whom are accompanied by their children in the centre.

The associations present at the meeting were told that there would be an assessment census prior to the eviction, that the complete eviction would be carried out over the course of three days and that this entire process would be complete by 31st October.

It is our understanding that, during the process of the assessment census, the authorities will be recording those who wish to claim asylum in France, those who wish to apply for asylum in other countries as well as those who wish to be deported back to their country of origin. We understand that they will record details of families, unaccompanied minors and other groups considered vulnerable. This assessment census is due to be conducted by the authorities in partnership with an NGO or an organisation able to support this exercise in a balanced and humanitarian way.

We are told that there will be sufficient places available in CAOs (accommodation centres located across France) for all current camp residents who are willing to move to them and that buses will be provided to transport the people and their belongings.

Very limited information has been provided about measures proposed to ensure safe, adapted facilities for the unaccompanied minors currently living in the camp. At the time of our last census the unaccompanied minors represented 10% of the total population of the camp. Ensuring the safety of these vulnerable people is our primary concern.

"Safe Passage", who we work closely with in Calais, have given a list of 387 children eligible to come to the UK to the Home Office and Amber Rudd. 209 of these were eligible under the Alf Dubs amendment and the rest under Dublin 3 family reunification.

To date, no children have been transferred to the UK under the Alf Dubs amendment and no best interest assessment has been carried out by the French or British authorities in an attempt to begin a process to do so.

We hope that the British government will act quickly to expedite both Dublin 3 and the Dubs amendment since we are aware that an imminent eviction without adequate provision for these young people could result in a large number of them being unaccounted for.

In the meantime, we continue our daily operations in Calais, working closely with the camp residents - calmly ensuring they have all the information they need and assuring them of our ongoing support. We, in turn, will need the support of the public to ensure we have sufficient supplies of large backpacks and rolling suitcases so that everyone can leave the camp with all their possessions in a dignified manner. If you can help by a collection and bringing these items to Calais please contact This eviction is imminent so if you are able to act quickly this will be a great help. If you wish to donate funds to contribute to our teams' work with residents of the Calais camp at this difficult time please click here

For any media enquiries please email

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PLANNING FOR THE DEMOLITION - Via CPTPS-AFUK Saturday 24th September 2016

The associations, charities and NGOs on the ground are planning for the demolition which is expected soon.

Huge amounts of aid needs to be readied to help people as they move to dispersal centres, informal squats and small camps.

At the moment groups on the ground are making educated guesses as to what people are likely to do once the dispersal pocess gets underway and will feed back their requests to supporters over the next week or so.


#1 sleeping bags - some refugees have left already and more are expected to follow You can buy them here and have them delivered direct to the warehouse:

#2 food

#3 phone credit donations