THE BULLDOZING BEGINS Monday 18th January 2016 (HR)

Post date: 05-Jul-2016 10:29:05

This morning at around 8.30am some 40 police in riot gear arrived at the camp and a single bulldozer began clearing an area in the newly designated 'buffer zone'. Due to the incredible efforts of refugees, volunteers and aid workers alike this past week, all occupied shelters and tents in the buffer zone areas had already been relocated to other areas inside the camp. Thus, the bulldozer has little to clear other than discarded items.

The camp remained calm, with everybody going about their business peacefully.

Our focus remains on the well being of the residents of the camp. Last night temperatures dropped to well below zero, and remained at -2 degrees celsius this morning, with tents frosting over. Many of the refugees have shared with us that they couldn't sleep last night due to the severe drop in temperature. We (the joint partnership of Help Refugees & L'Auberge des Migrants along with Acted and the other amazing local charities and grassroots groups on the ground) will do everything we can to help keep them warm, but appeal to others to join our efforts.

You can help right now by buying a warm sleeping bag or thick blankets here. All items will be delivered straight to Calais.