United We Stand - September 21st 2016

Post date: 22-Sep-2016 04:32:21

An amazing coalition of grassroots groups met at Medicins Sans Frontiere's London headquarters today ... and most were in proper clothes and mud, dust and sewage free. - The picture shows Tess Berry-Hart of Calais Action, Kirsty Bimble, Gavin Fraser and Dylan of People in Motion, Clare Moseley of Care4Calais, Alice Faye Careless of Boots, Backpacks & Baby Carriers, Caroline Kerr of Bras Not Bombs, Dave King of Jungle Canopy, Catherine Henderson of QARN, Marta Clinco, Janie Mac of RCKitchen, Netty Miles of Dunkirk and Help Refugees, Paddie Barnes from Help Refugees, Rebecca Spilane, and Liz Needham. They joined MSF's Elodie Francart, Kostos Antonopoulos and many of the key players in the refugee aid effort to discuss strategy, problems and how best to move forward.