UNREST AND FIRE IN THE CAMP : 26th May 2016 CP2PS: 9.00pm

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 20:35:55

Following a fire and a fight in the camp tonight, approximately 20 people including 3 volunteers are in hospital.

There are conflicting reports about damage- the extent and what- but all say it is pretty severe.

Acted are coordinating the response and both l'auberge/HelpRefugees and Care4Calais are currently getting as many tents, blankets, sleeping bags etc to the camp as they can.

Sofinee is back in her kitchen (which was at risk of burning down earlier) and cooking and is preparing to support those who need it with food and comfort.

If you are in Calais please stay away from the area until it's safe and contact one of the associations about how best to help.

If you are not in Calais please put all your energy into getting tents, blankets, sleeping bags, roll mats and clothes out to the camp.

It sounds like a lot of people lost everything-again- today.