MOVING SCENES Friday March 4th 2016 (C4C)

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 13:32:06

Refugees facing forced eviction from their makeshift shelters in the southern part of the Calais ‘Jungle’ were today desperate to move their dwellings to safer areas of the site - by any means - to save their destruction.

In some instances complete structures were lifted by hand onto pick-up trucks and trailers with the help of volunteers. But hundreds of dwellings have already been destroyed.

Care4Calais believes the forceful removal of refugees and the immediate destruction of their shelters, surrounded by armed riot police, is insensitive, inhumane and in breach of basic human rights. It, along with other charities able to operate in the camp, is pressing for assurances from French officials that proper systems will be in place to support the refugees – and a halt to the forced evictions of thousands of men, women and children who have fled conflict and persecution in their home countries in search of safety, until adequate provision is in place.

The organisations on the ground are distributing emergency humanitarian assistance to hundreds of refugees affected by the evictions, including food parcels, tents, blankets and ground mats.

Many now face sleeping out in the open, in churches, or making for the nearby camp at Dunkirk, but that camp also faces evictions next week

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