URGENT CALAIS DONATIONS REQUEST: 19th July 2016 Help Refugees/L'Auberge Des Migrants

Post date: 31-Aug-2016 21:15:26

Stocks in our warehouse are critically low once again. In fact, we have completely run out of many core items.

With at least 30 new arrivals coming every day we need plenty of small and medium men's joggers, t-shirts and hoodies as well as thick blankets, sleeping bags, roll mats and tents.

In the Calais camp the stock from our warehouse provides all the aid for:

The new arrivals caravan (daily)

4 distribution points (daily, on a rota)

Women and Children's distribution (daily and weekly)

Youth distribution (weekly)

Mobile distribution (daily)

Vulnerabilities distribution (daily)

To continue to do this in a consistent, dignified way we need your help.

Why not hold a little collection amongst colleagues, friends and family and drive donations out over the next couple of weeks?

Please ensure, though, that you ask people to only donate items on the list here

For more sorting information and to book your donations in please email calaisdonations@gmail.com.