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Monday 21st March 2016


Happy to report some really good news... 3 Syrian boys, all unaccompanied minors, have just arrived in the UK from Calais and are being reunited with their families under Dublin 3 Rules while they apply for asylum. It's a huge relief to know that tonight they will be warm, safe and with loved ones. With at least 150 other known cases in Calais, let's hope they are just the first of many.

Congratulations to Citizens UK and the ‪#‎safepassage‬ team. Truly brilliant news. We are proud to support them in their vital work.


Monday 21st March 2016

(Calais Action)

The "Dubs Amendment" to allow in 3,000 unaccompanied children WAS PASSED in the Lords by 306 to 204 this afternoon!!

Amazing news!!! - though now it's back to the Commons where it will face severe opposition from the Government.

Calais Action will be back in Parliament tomorrow to discuss the outcome and how we can continue to campaign on this issue - we'll keep you posted!! For now, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who have spent your time lobbying peers and raising awareness of this issue.

February 2016

Hundreds of unaccompanied minors are currently stuck in horrendous conditions in the Calais Jungle, an unofficial refugee camp on toxic wasteland in Northern France, just 40miles away from the UK.

Most of them have a legal right to be reunited with family members in England under the Dublin 3 Regulations. Yet as the UK and French Government are refusing #refugeechildren safe and legal routes to their families it drives them to traffickers, forces them to jump trains, sinking ships and suffocating lorries.

No more children should die trying to reach their families.

We are hoping that this week's important @citizensuk court case might see hundreds of children reunited with their families and hold the Home Office accountable to their humanitarian and legal obligations.

Join our urgent call to Government:


This video includes a segments on unaccompanied children

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