14th October

Post date: 14-Oct-2015 20:04:41

Hi everyone with the first of my daily reports.

Today and last night has been very wet and it's getting colder.

Our main distribution today was warm waterproof coats - about 400 of them all sorted by size. Quite a lot of day to day stuff like Paracetamol. Tents and blankets for about 150 new arrivals more expected in next few days.

Been a bit short of volunteers today - quite normal mid week.

We have managed to sort 500 pairs of trousers for distribution first thing in morning - sorted by size so we ensure the Refugees look the business in their trousers. We wer

e lucky enough to have about 250 pairs of brand spanking new Jeans. We are also hoping we have enough blankets to distribute tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your help and amazing generosity.

The volunteers always come back and tell me about the big smiles on the faces of the Refugees as they hand them the goods. The other thing the volunteers deliver is hope and sometimes that is the best commodity.