15th October

Post date: 17-Oct-2015 19:25:46

Good morning everyone. I will however start by thanking everyone for their Birthday wishes; I feel humbled but I can not stress enough my contribution is very, very small compared to the volunteers that actually do the work - they are all amazing fantastic people.

The main distribution yesterday was men's trousers- we distributed about 500 pairs. The problem we have is a shortage of small sizes 26, 28 and 30 I appreciate the reason is simply the fact that in the UK we are built differently - but these sizes are very much needed.

Our other big distribution was hats, scarves and gloves as the weather here is now turning very cold. The main shortage here now is gloves - we have just a few left. We managed to distribute about 100 warm blankets but again we have a shortage and as we hit the real cold months these will be more in demand.

While all this is going on we are also trying to prepare for the move to the new warehouse.

Please remember if you are coming over we will always need warm clothing. We are short of warm waterproof coats but do have quite a lot of non waterproof coats so we would like to distribute these with waterproof ponchos ... so lots of ponchos please.

Things change very quickly here. I only report on the warehouse and am not involved in the fantastic building work that is going on so please also check on that.

Thank you all for your amazing support I am cheered everyday in my old age to know there are so many truly caring people