16th October

Post date: 17-Oct-2015 19:32:15

It has been raining all day meaning distribution becomes harder.

We have distributed 700 nice warm brand new hoodies; about 200 sleeping bags (would have been more but short of sleeping bags); about 200 thick jumpers; lots and lots of hats and scarves no gloves as we have none left.

Sarah Gayton has made a very welcome return so sorting has doubled; she is so amazing the way she has that most important section working. Without proper sorting it is impossible to do meaningful mass distribution.

We have also managed to supply the growing camp in Dunkirk with tents, some shoes, sleeping bags and warm jumpers.

While all this is going on the warehouse is being organised ready for the move and this is going to be easier thanks to the amazing work by Renke.

I continue to walk round pretending I know what I am doing and letting out the odd grump.

Still need gloves,blankets, waterproof clothes, ponchos. trainers and CARTOONS