17th October: Another Busy Saturday

Post date: 17-Oct-2015 19:49:54

Just a few of the vehicles waiting to drop off goods!

Volunteers sorting outside the warehouse ready for distribution

Hi everyone from a very wet Calais.

I will start by saying that I have been humbled and honoured to work with a group of people that are absolutely amazing. It does not matter what is thrown at them they cope under very stressful circumstances. There are too many of them to name but they know who they are - guys you are amazing.

The day started very slowly (that should have been a sign of things to come) Clare Moseley started the day by doing a distribution of 700 food parcels with her amazing team in the pouring rain. They also distributed 700 bottles of cooking oil.

Sarah Gayton and her fantastic team continued sorting clothes.

Then it happened... all the delayed ferries arrived at once and suddenly we had about 15 vans arrive with vital supplies.

Everyone got stuck in and unloaded them. The result was we were able to distribute 700 sleeping bags, 500 blankets, and a further 650 food bags containing at least 10 items per bag.

Then the next ferries arrived and I lost count but I am sure at one time we had 20 vans waiting to unload. From these vans we were able to distribute a further 500 sleeping bags and 400 blankets and yes ... another 300 food bags.

You just can not imagine the pressure the volunteers were under as while all this was going on they must have unloaded 800 bags of clothes a further 300 sleeping bags and loads more stuff. In my many years in warehousing I have never seen a team of people work so hard under such difficult circumstances; I can not sign their praise enough.

As I write, the warehouse looks full - but I know by lunchtime tomorrow we will have it sorted and made space.

I will however ask anyone coming over tomorrow to bear with us as it will take a few hours for us to be able to unload any vehicles.

I apologise. I just hope from reading this post people will realise what a great team we have here and fantastic volunteers.

So to sum up we have had a very very busy day but the end result is we have had a record breaking day for distribution to the camp as I have not included the normal day to day stuff we have distributed as my fat thumb is worn out!