18th October

Post date: 19-Oct-2015 01:36:13

Good evening everyone.

Celebration! It did not rain today.

I am going to struggle to make the activity report for today sound interesting, especially after the tremendous activity of yesterday.

Firstly the distribution was 300 sleeping bags, 300 blankets, a lot of bottled water and about 400 food bags.

However the day has been very busy even before this as I had to pull most of the volunteers into the warehouse to get it back to being fit for purpose but more importantly we have only 6 days left until we have to vacate the warehouse. It is at about 90% capacity based on present conditions such as boxes all being different sizes and because we have started pulling down the racking.

Everyone worked very very hard doing the rather boring stuff that needs to be done when moving - like getting everything on pallets ready to move.

Anton has done a great job at the new warehouse to ensure we have electricity. Sylvan has done a great job cleaning the new warehouse with a very hard working team of volunteers (who said we can't make volunteering fun?)

Sorry this report is not more exciting but it has been a very busy day.

Please appreciate unless we get the warehouse right we can deliver very little to the camp