19th October

Post date: 19-Oct-2015 18:52:19

I've just realised why these reports are good for me- I now know what day of the week it is. For the last month I have completely lost track of time.

Today I personally spent about 4 hours in the Camp meeting the volunteers on the ground and trying to find out how we can make life easier for them - especially people like Toby who deal with new arrivals. I was to say the least shocked when I actually saw the conditions they are working under and I have some ideas I am going to work on. I am now also going to work on a plan to try and get Gas Distribution more organised. Doing logistics in the real world is difficult enough when it involves collecting empties - in the Camp it is going to be a real challenge but then most days out here are a challenge.

In the bad old days when I worked for a living I used to bore my staff by saying "problems were invented for the sole proposal of being solved" and wow that applies out here. But it is made so much easier with a great bunch of volunteers with so many different skills.

Monday in the ware house is always women and children day so Liz and her team were able to find the products to satisfy that very important group. We did a small distribution of waterproof coats. Sarah Gayton and her fantastic team were able to sort shoes for a mass distribution tomorrow, Sarah is an amazing person on that sorting and never ever panics.

We continue to prepare for the move to the new warehouse.

We had a great delivery of much wanted clothes and blankets etc. today from Help Calais all on pallets so we were able to deliver straight to new warehouse where we now have a real modern invention known as a Fork Lift Truck!!!

I am off to have dinner with Renke Pieter Meuwese

thanks everyone I can see a light somewhere