20th October

Post date: 20-Oct-2015 17:49:37

It is going to look like we have not done much again, but as we only have 4 days left to move warehouse it is at present our main priority.

Sarah Gayton has now set up her sorting area in the new warehouse and is in full production.

In the current warehouse we have continued to put sorted product on pallets and if you look at the pic below you will see why I keep going on about new cartons!

One rack has now been taken down and moved to new warehouse and the next rack has been cleared ready to move.

Please remember we are working with no forklift truck so it involves volunteers climbing ladders!!!

Anyway while all this was going on we managed to distribute 300 pairs of shoes with a pair of socks in each shoe. This has cleared us out of shoes except what we keep back for shoeless new arrivals. We also distributed about 100 sleeping bags and 100 blankets which, like shoes, I now only have left what I need for new arrivals. Finally, we sorted about 400 coats for distribution tomorrow.

For future reference: as you might know, the best way to cheer me up is to provide me with CARTONS. I have found a company in France where you can buy ťhem online

Here are the details


You then need to search for the following: Casse Carton Simple Cannelure Plus

The size nearest to what I want is 65 x 50 x 45 cm

They deliver in 24 hours

For reasons of security I can not put the delivery address in the public domain but if you message me on FB I will get it to you. Please let me know the quantity you plan on ordering so I can track how many I have coming.

I.need loads but knowing how generous you all are, I could end up in the carton box storage business!!